Triad Eclipse Summer Solstice☀️Light Activation Event Schedule

Greetings Dear Ones,

There is much Cosmic activity happening at this time.  Light from the Great Central Sun in super waves is opening Celestial pathways.  I am sending you a schedule of the Triad Eclipse Event of 2020 happening now.  

It has been so overwhelmingly busy with all that is going on that I did not get it emailed out in time for the first one, which was the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on June 5.  There are so many planets in retrograde at this time, it may feel like you have been spinning your wheels, or having to repeat things over again, and maybe even again.  Sometimes it may feel like you are just getting nowhere fast in what you are trying to do in the outer.  All of this can be annoying and time consuming, but knowing about it can help with practicing patience until you get the desired result.  And it seems that lots of patience is needed these days for a lot of reasons.  

Along with the June 5th eclipse, there was a small Asteroid which came close to Earth, and today there was a small earthquake in the East foothills of San Jose.  (*Reminder: Send Golden Light from above to the fault lines, and decree: “Peace in the Land Beneath us”.  Visualize this.  Also affirm the Peace Benediction that is on my Website (see the link below). The power of the spoken word is great so we choose our words wisely.  Affirm: “Peace within me, Peace above me, Peace below me, Peace all around me. Peace.”  Our clarion call goes out to the universe and we have great help from above.)  Starseeds, Grid workers, Gate keepers and all the Lightworkers have been and are being trained for this on the inner level not just in this lifetime, but others as well.  During this activation period you may find yourself feeling rejuvenated, or maybe have nervous energy, and then shortly after that, tired.  This is because a lot of the Lightwork is being done on the inner.  Some have said they feel tired even after a full night of sleeping.  That is because there is sometimes Lightwork that we are doing while our body sleeps. Throughout the day it is good to take a moment to lay down and refresh, or just sit and look at, or touch a tree or a flower, or something in nature.  Holding and using our crystals helps us to recharge too.  By the way, there are many special Crystal Beds throughout USA which are being activated during this triple eclipse passage which will bring forth the Freedom codes from within the crystals.

There have been Solar Flares with their complex magnetic fields flashing, liquid plasma, and photon flashes.  I saw light flash across my tv screen during one of them and also in front of me while out in the sun.  There have been some electronic interferences but they seem to be quick and over in a flash, (at least so far).  All this year I have seen little starburst Light sparks around me, and other mystical appearances.  I’ve have had some challenges as well as Beautiful Divine experiences of Light and Upliftment.  I know the Ascended Masters, Star Beings of Light, and the Angels are all around us assisting us at this time of Galactic acceleration…and time seems to be moving so fast. The second eclipse is the Solar Eclipse, coming soon on June 20, Summer Solstice, with the activation of ancient Stargates.  The 3rd Eclipse is on Independence Day, the 4th of July.  We will be able to see the Lunar Eclipse on July 4 in the United States.  There will be global meditations and different groups have them set for different times, so really, any time you meditate on those days or evenings will be good, as the Light activations will be going on throughout the whole day and night of each one.  Just find your quiet place and tune in on the inner level. They are amplified on these days, but are actually going on throughout each day during these weeks of the Triad Eclipses. See the schedule of the Eclipses below.

The Covid 19 epidemic which started in December 2019 has made all humanity go through some major changes.  People have had to step back and re-evaluate their lives.  Things are changing on many levels.  We have all been feeling the dismantling of the old paradigm and the activation of the new DNA codes within us and all around us.  There will be a continuance of this all throughout the year.  This Triad Eclipse Event is taking place in 2020.  Numerologically 2020 equals the number 4 vibration, the building of a new foundation.  Before the new foundation can be completed the old foundation has to be adjusted.

The Freedom codes activate the timeline division which is happening.  A timeline is the past, present, and future which are all happening in various levels or dimensions.  They are Quantum, all happening at the same time.  The timeline we are aware of being in is determined by where our consciousness is.  We have a consciousness boost now which can assist us to be aware of more than the 3rd or 4th Dimension, which is totally new to some people.  Others have been experiencing it for some time.  The old energies of the past have been coming up to be released so healing and positive change can occur, both personally and especially globally.  During this intense time, the records and memories of enslavement are brought to light.  The chaos and negativity that has come up for clearing and to bring about needed change in our world is felt on a global scale.  The dark secret agendas, the apparent control structures as well as the subconscious thought forms of mass consciousness are being brought to Light.  We must remain in our center of Divine Light and Love to be the transmitters of Peace and Harmony during this time of transformation.

Be compassionate and as non-judgemental as you can, while doing whatever you feel Divinely guided to do to be of help. Not everyone is meant to be out in the forefront of the situations.  Some of the most important work is done behind the scenes on the inner level.  Send out as much Love, Harmony, Peace, and Light as you can, as often as you can, to everyone, everywhere on this planet, with a special focus on America, the land of freedom.  Call for that freedom to be used correctly for the Highest Good of all concerned.  Use the Violet Light Flame often to transmute human miscreation, and fill up with the Solar Christ Light, letting that Light expand and flow out to all life on our beloved Gaia.  Let us call for the Highest and Best outcomes and results for our New Earth.

The Freedom code activation is most powerful in the United States of America where we are transmuting much of the negative energy one step at a time.  It does appear chaotic which was expected, and continues while these releases are going on in the collective physical realm. Let your Light expand to stay centered in the Higher Vibrations as you see all that is going on around you. We are at the point of the acceleration of the timeline division, which was anticipated several years ago when it began, and was amplified in 2018 at the time of the various eclipses, which I wrote about at that time.  You can see them posted on my Website under “Articles”.  Now in 2020 we see the physicalization of those amplifications.  Prayer, meditation, decrees, affirmations, creative visualizations, all help to keep our clarity and stay aligned with heart based intentions. When we align our choices with Higher guidance and decisions in the present, it may feel like detachment but it is just that we are moving in a vibration that is different than the chaotic vibe.  This is a timeline division so we are choosing the timeline we want to be in.  The timelines are Quantum…they are all happening at the same time.  So the shift into the higher dimensional energy and consciousness is happening.  Some are in the dimensions of the 3D reality where the chaos is happening, and some are in a 5D reality vibration, and even higher dimensions.  The earth is receiving superwaves of Ascension activations and we are all going through it.  Remember that this is also a time for our own individual clearing, healing and uplifting self-empowerment as we make choices from the heart center to align with our Higher Self.  We have much assistance from the Higher Realms as we wisely choose our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. 

As we are moving through this passage together, let us stay aware of the Blessing that there really are so many people making the choices of Unity, Peace, Harmony, Love, and Divine Service.  As we expand our much needed Divine Light out to the world we are uplifted, and we are contributing to the upliftment of all life on this planet.  We are One. 

🌕  🌖  🌗  🌘  🌑  🌒  🌓  🌔  🌕 


The schedule is as follows: 



Summer Solstice peak at 2:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time 

Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse at 11:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(New Moon at 11:40PM PDT)

Major Galactic Convergence, alignment with the Galactic Ecliptic, and a Superwave of Crystalline Light. Ancient Stargates and celestial pathways are opened. ⭐



Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 9:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(Full Moon at 9:44 PM PDT)

Unlocking our Supreme choice to Ascend, right through the Caves of Creation, Living Library of Gaia and our Divine DNA. The next layer of Freedom codes is released through the American crystal beds.  ⭐


Blessings of Love and Light,

Sonia Star


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