Do you know how important you are? Your Light is needed at this time on Planet Earth. You have a Divine Purpose, and you came to this lifetime to fulfill a Divine Plan. Every lifestream is a truly essential part of the whole. Whether you are quiet and in the background, or out front leading, each one is as important as the other. It is time for you to let your Light shine brightly, wherever you are, whatever your role is, and raise the vibrations of the space you are in. As you do this, your Light connects with the Light of others, becoming a brilliant Solar Presence on this beloved planet and assists in the healing and uplifting of humanity and all life on earth. As you view this website, know that you are here by Divine appointment. May it serve to give you tools that inspire and empower you to access your I Am Presence and awaken the Truth that is encoded within your heart flame, to be the instrument of God that you are meant to be. May you forever be Blessed.

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