Portal of the Solar Eclipse Supermoon Planetary Alignment March 8, 2016

I could see the beautiful rosy pink glow of the sunset through our kitchen window tonight. The unusual little frogs are back again in our evening garden and later tonight they were making their high pitched chirping sound which is almost similar to a grasshopper but with a little more of a croaking. They drew me outside, and pretty soon I was looking up, attracted by the moon’s rays and enjoying the scintillating effervescence of the stars, especially Orion’s Belt which was so crisp and clear, and sparkling Sirius right over our house.

I felt a close connection to the Cosmos, with a strong feeling of the veil being lifted to the higher dimensions for a brief moment in time. It was a feeling of an opening of Celestial Light-filled Grace from above which the Universe is blessing us with, leading up to the two eclipses starting on March 8. Lifting the veils, these eclipses offer the window of opportunity to connect to our inner intuitive self in a more deep and profound way. It will be a powerful Cosmic alignment with the special energies of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. To make this alignment even more grand, there is also a Supermoon. This is when a new or full moon (in this case a new moon) is the closest it gets to earth in its elliptical orbit. So we should be seeing a rather large new moon.

We won’t be able to see the Solar eclipse in the U.S. but of course its magnificent effects combined with the new Supermoon and planetary alignment will bless us with the empowering aspects of a new level of awakening. This is a time for creating new beginnings. This effect may have already started for some. We can be more conscious of the blessings of messages from the Presence, Angels, Ascended Masters and beings of Light. As we pray, meditate, and become more open and receptive to the Light, we become more in tune with our inner wisdom and Divine guidance and we will be able to activate our passion for our Divine plan, purpose and mission. In mystical union with our amazing inner intuitive self we can manifest our sacred intentions in this wonderful time of higher dimensional attunement.

Love and Light Blessings, Sonia Star

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