The Blessings of the 2nd Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

The Lunar Eclipse of the full moon in Aquarius on July 27, 2018 will look like a glowing red ball of light in the sky from some parts of the world. It will not be visible from USA this time. This rare Stellar event will be famous for being the longest eclipse of the century. It is the second eclipse in a special trio of Summer 2018 eclipses. It is also the most influential eclipse of this year and we will collectively as well as individually be feeling the effects for about 6 to 8 weeks.

In ancient times eclipses were regarded as a bad omen. This superstition came from the people of the day who were ignorant to the fact that this is a regular happening and that there are eclipses every year. When they saw that everything became darkened by the covered moon or sun they were fearful because they could not explain why and did not understand that it is the positioning of the planets which are cyclic in nature. The truth is that there are more opportunities for the Blessings from on high to enter the earth’s atmosphere during these times.

This lunar eclipse of the full moon is prompting us to bring more Light to the world. As the shadows cover the moon with darkness all around, the moon is still radiating light and is simply shaded and appearing as darkness. When the shadow moves slowly across the moon, the radiance of the Celestial lunar brilliance brings light to the darkness and illumines the night sky. So too, does our Inner Light still shine even if we are going through a time of seeming darkness.

People all over the planet are awakening and rising above the confusion,chaos and painful miscreations that appear to be in the world. We Lightworkers (ones who are aware of and purposely spreading the Light) and all of us who are aware of these multidimensional revelations and are doing what we can to spread the Light, as well as those of us who are a positive influence for good in the world in any way shape or form whether they know they are expanding the Light or not, have been adjusting and becoming more regulated and attuned to these new energies for a long time now and are in preparation for the first wave of Ascension. Just as the Ascended Masters reach to us through the veil assisting us to rise in that first wave of Ascension, after we become adjusted to those higher frequencies, we will in turn reach to others who are then ready for the second wave, and so on it continues in the process of Ascension. No matter what things look like in the appearance world of the third dimension, remember all the terrible things you see on the news and so on are actually a small percentage of the people on earth. There are so many good people doing good things and this is what we must focus on to maintain our uplifting energy. We all have our part in this great Divine plan, and everyone is equal no matter what our role is and what our timing is in it. In actuality everyone is participating in this great activity of Light on inner and outer levels. Keep your mind on the good things that are happening and accentuate the positive.

If you are feeling emotionally vulnerable, out of balance, irritable or anxious, this is a time to know that healing can happen. Tune in to the great spiritual currents of energy available now and take time to be still and open up to the majesty and grace of the Cosmic blessings. It is a good time for transformation. Observe yourself and others and work on being patient and kind to yourself as well as them. If you begin to feel negative, overly critical, or judgmental, it is time to forgive yourself and others. This does not mean you need to be with someone who hurt you, or to stay in a damaging situation or relationship, but just that you are releasing yourself from the pain of holding onto the old hurts and wounds. It sets you free to be able to heal and use that energy in positive ways. If you are holding on to self condemnation, wishing you would have done something differently or better, or feeling what I call the “shoulda-coulda-woulda” syndrome, just use these experiences as lessons learned, let go of them, forgive yourself and move on with more freedom and peace.

Along with self-improvement at this time, there may also be a feeling of wanting to improve your surroundings, your home, or environment. This is a time of speaking your truth and owning your personal power. It is a time of expansion. You may feel the desire for greater self expression and success in a relationship, or in your work or service. The opportunity is here for us to know that our dreams and goals can out-picture in our lives. As we turn within to our Divine guidance we become more receptive to the ideas and the direction of manifesting these ideas with courage and integrity. There is a boost of energy at this time which can give us the motivation or inspiration that we need to achieve these goals or to begin the process.

At this time things may come up to the surface for clearing and healing of things like past emotional hurts and wounds or insecurities, doubts or fears. As these come up we must instantly transmute them and then fill up with Divine Light and Love, and spread Light where ever we are. We can do this by keeping a positive attitude, by a kind word or deed given to someone in need of it, or through our prayers, affirmations, decrees or meditations. We can visualize the light flooding our planet and blessing all life on planet earth. Beloved Ascended Master Jesus said “ I am the light of the world”. He also said “These things and greater shall ye do”. Now is the time to channel more Light and Love into and through ourselves, into our lives, and expand that Light to all of our family, friends and neighbors expanding out to our state, our country and then everywhere, to everyone and everything on our sweet Mother Earth. This lifts the vibrational frequency of the planet and all life abiding on earth to continue our journey rising up to the next step of our evolution into the fifth dimension drawing us closer to the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Remember, you are the Star of Your Life, so Let Your Light Shine!

In Oneness, Love and Service to the Light, Sonia Star

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