It’s All About the Energy Part I

Have you ever walked into a room and you just felt your energy change?  Either it got revved up (like at a conference where everyone is excited) or it went down, or you started to feel scattered, drained, or overwhelmed?  Well, that’s because you were too wide open and walked into the predominant energy the people in the room had created.  What they brought with them, or what developed while getting together with each other, creates a mass energy – and you walk into it.  We all need to take a little moment to be prepared (or “preprayered”, I like to call it).  It’s best to prepare yourself with energy protection before you walk into the room or space and it only takes a quick focus.  Just take a deep breath and visualize a white light surrounding you like a big tube of Light.  You can also say silently or decree out loud, whichever is appropriate, “I surround myself in the tube of White Light Protection”.  Then when you enter the room, you can still be aware of the energy around you, but it won’t affect you and you won’t take it on.  If you start at any time to experience or create any negative thoughts or feelings yourself, it may weaken the effect so you may need to re-do it, or replenish that white light and your decree.  So you still have to keep your guard up and be aware.

If you forgot to do the white light protection before entering the room or space, or if you want to take it further, you can also clear any negative or misqualified energy from yourself.  But first, understand that the energy is pure and perfect as it comes from our Source.  It comes down from above and enters the top of the head and fills our body with Divine Energy and Light, and this is what keeps us alive and animated.  But when we think and visualize, we create thought forms, which create feelings, and our feelings can be felt by others.  It’s all energy… and we can either qualify the pure energy with our positive, harmonious thoughts and feelings, or misqualify the energy with discordant thoughts and feelings.  So if you find yourself having misqualified the energy with a thought or feeling, or you are feeling the energy others have misqualified, here is what you can do to change it.  Just visualize a purple, Violet Light that is flowing upwards in waves like a huge flame.  Now visualize this light or flame, flowing upwards from under your feet, all the way up, in, through, and around your body.  This will instantly transmute, change, or purify the misqualified energy, and bring it back to its pure state.  You may feel the vibes change.  It may be felt by you right away or after you forget about it for a while, and then you realize, “Oh I feel better now”.  Everyone is different, and every time is not exactly the same.  But it works!  The Violet Light is the highest vibration of color on this planet.  It combines the pink (love) and blue (power).  Our thoughts are things.  They are potent and can move energy.  The particles of light are all around us, and in us.  We don’t see it all because our brain minds see the fact forms, energies in form in a certain way.  But the Light is here for us to use.  You don’t have to believe it.  Just try it and find out for yourself.

Think about the times you just can’t stay focused.  If you find yourself getting scattered, try this exercise to ground and center  yourself.  Visualize a golden white Light shining down from above, entering the top of your head and flowing down through what I call the “Great Central Channel” (through the center of your body) and out the soles of your feet into the earth.  You can imagine it going all the way to the Light in the center of the earth (the place of even pressure) or just a little way down into the earth.  This will stabilize and ground your energies and help you feel more centered.  If you have been very scattered and still need more, then take it to the next level.  I like to do this exercise when I’ve been feeling scattered or bombarded by other people’s energy.  Take a deep breath and notice how you feel.  Then visualize a big ball of golden light above your head.  Now call your own energy back to you from wherever it has been scattered.  Your energy enters the golden ball of light above your head.  Just let it come.  Now when you feel complete with that, direct the ball of light with your energy in it to enter the top of your head and fill your body with golden white Light and your own energy.  Observe how good that feels.  Then ground yourself by extending that light from the soles of your feet into the earth.  Notice how much better you feel and how much more present and centered you are.

Did you know that you can also ground a room? Sometimes the room is left with scattered energies from the people who were previously in it and their energy or activity.  If you feel this about a room, try the following exercise.

How to Ground a Room

Now that you know how to ground and center yourself, do you know that you can also ground a room?  Sometimes the room is left with scattered energies from the people who were previously in it, and their thoughts, feelings, or activity.  If you feel this about a room, try the following exercise.  First, ground yourself as I have explained.  Then visualize the Light coming down from above and flowing down like a pillar or pole into one corner of the room, then the next corner, until all four corners have the beam of light flowing down from above and into the earth beneath them.  Notice how this changes the energy of the room.  If you still feel the room needs more than grounding, perhaps bad energy was left in it, then of course you will want to visualize the Violet Flame blazing upward throughout the room and transmuting the energy back to its purity and balance.  To finish the activity, call forth the golden white Light from above to fill the room with Divine Peace and Harmony.  Notice how good that room feels Now.  It’s all about the energy!!

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