Present Focus

Looking For A Sign

On a day with much on my mind, I asked my God Presence for guidance and a sign of hope and reassurance. I hadn’t been outside much lately in the colder weather, and walked around looking at the surrounding nature, when out of a crack in the sidewalk I saw that this lovely flower had pressed right on up through that crack and produced two beautiful blossoms and one new bud! There was my positive sign, very clear, very meaningful. Couldn’t miss it! I felt joyfully reassured and full of hope. With a steadfast focus, keep on keeping on, pressing forward. Don’t give up and keep reaching for the Light and it will be sure to bring us through any seeming challenge, obstacle, delay, or darkness to the good we seek. A remarkable reminder, right?

☀️ The Light is always Victorious. Thank you God. 🌸



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