Greetings, and Divine Blessings of the Autumn Equinox!

This is the time to remember the great potential in the seeds of your hopes, dreams and plans which you planted in the beautiful garden of your mind during the glorious season of new Spring energy.

Then think about the amazing growing season in the warm glow of Summer and how you nurtured those seeds of potential, learning and growing, along the way. There were plenty of weeds to pull as they popped up in the fertile soil of your mind and life, perhaps showing up as challenges, and maybe even struggles. But as you pulled those weeds, worries or negativities from your mind and fertilized with positive thoughts, prayers and affirmations, the seeds began to grow and blossom toward their grand potential.

Now we are coming into the blessed harvest season of the Autumn Equinox. These awesome energies are bringing the harvest, the manifestation of these precious seeds of life. If all the things are not manifesting as you hoped or wished they would,  your efforts are never wasted. There is always learning and growing happening within to make us stronger, better, more diligent, and more aware of what we need to do next time.  These are also an important part of the harvest and valuable for next year’s garden.

Let us cherish and be thankful to our Creator Source for those Blessings we do have manifesting in our lives and lovingly, joyfully gather and reap the blessings of our harvest during the autumn months as they appear in our lives.

I wish for you a harvest of the Highest and Best of Everything in your journey of Life!

Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Love and Light,

Sonia Star

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