2020 October Blue Moon Greetings

Love to you Dear Ones,

There has been the Orionid meteor shower dancing in our night skies this month and Mars is very close, looking big and bright!  So much is going on in the universe. The Beings of Light are closely assisting us.

Because Earth is a planet of free will, our Father-Mother God has been waiting for humanity to make the right choices, aligning our free will with God’s will.  It is our free will choices that have gotten humanity into trouble in the first place.  More of humanity must choose the higher way, such as peace, love, kindness, reverence for all life, and other God-qualities to change our out-picturing of what we are manifesting in the world.  There are so many changes that humanity needs to make to heal our planet that it seems to take a very long time. When a higher percentage of humanity is using our free will for Good, then the mass consciousness will be affected by the change, and the upswing of higher consciousness will be out-picturing more and more good, until we finally have created Heaven on Earth (the New Earth – the Golden Age).  I have seen this in various ways.  One of which is the practice of meditation and yoga.  When I started teaching Meditation and Yoga in 1970 it was still thought of by the mainstream as something weird or “out there”, even maybe a cult.  But I kept on practicing and teaching it along with other pioneers in the field, and now 50 years later, it has proven itself to be really beneficial and is practiced by athletes, musicians, doctors and recommended to their patients, all types of people, and is very mainstream.  Yes, these changes take a long time to reach mass consciousness, but with constancy they will get there.

Keep the vigilant prayers, decrees, and meditations going.  Visualize yourself and all humanity living in Harmony, Cooperation, Kindness, Peace, Love, and Reverence for all Life.  That which we send out comes back to us on the return current of Spiritual energy.  So if you have sent out anger, resentment, hate, or harmful thoughts, be sure you use the Sacred gift of the Violet Flame of forgiving Grace which will transmute that karmic energy back into the Light of God Perfection.  You can read more about the Violet Flame in my article on Solstar Light Center website.

Remember to ask and you will receive….and at the end of your prayer, decree or visualization say, “This or something better, according to the Divine plan for my highest good and the good of all concerned”.  And don’t forget to enjoy and give thanks for your life, your being, and all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you even in the midst of a pandemic and all the other chaos there may appear to be at this time.  Gratitude always brings more blessings.

Our I Am Presence will be weaving our Light into the Great Light as we call for uplifting blessings for us all here on Earth. May we all use this energy to send the Most Magnificent Light and Love to our planet and all life on Gaia, as we are receiving a planetary and personal upgrade at this unprecedented time in the history of Earth according to the Divine Plan.

Many Blessings in our continuing Ascension process as the earth and all humanity continue awakening and raising our vibrations and all the energy around us. We are One.

Peace and Love and Light,

Sonia Star

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