It’s All About the Energy Part II

We’ve all been drained from someone chattering, or maybe a phone call and you don’t really feel like talking or listening. Here’s something you can do to keep from getting drained, or if you did get drained, to help bring your energy up again. You can even do this while you’re talking and listening. Visualize a Golden wheel of Light beaming down from above and entering the top of your head, then direct that light out your heart and into their heart, up through the top of their head, and around into the top of your head. Keep the circle of light flowing, like a Wheel of Light. You will soon feel replenished with energy instead of drained. It’s a good pick me up.

Here is an exercise you can do if you want to feel the energy more, or just practice how to do it. Sit with a partner, facing each other. Now start to send the wheel of light to them – remember it comes down from above, into the top of your head, out your heart into their heart and up and out the top of their head, into the top of yours, back out your heart into theirs and keep the circle or wheel flowing. Feel how the energy picks you both up. Now try reversing it, and your partner sends the energy out their heart to you and keeps the wheel flowing. Notice how it feels when you are now receiving the energy instead of sending. In this exercise you are actually both receiving of course, as the energy flows in and flows out. But there is a subtle difference in how it feels. Directing energy in this manner can really keep you from getting drained. Remember to try it next time you’re in that situation. It also works when talking on the phone as well, even though they are physically not right there with you.

Another exercise to feel the energy: Put the palm of your left hand (the receiving side) up to receive the energy and the palm of your right hand (the sending side) down. Now your partner puts their left hand also turned palm up, about 2 inches underneath your right hand and their right hand turned downward 2 inches above your right hand. You keep the hands about 2 inches apart and don’t touch, so you are feeling the energy between your hands to know that it is actually there. It may feel like heat, or maybe just something a little denser than air, or a gentle force. Just notice how you feel it.

There is another exercise you can do by yourself, without a partner, to feel the flow of energy from your hands. Put your left (receiving) palm upward and you’re right (sending) palm downward about 2 inches above your left palm. Then move your right palm slightly away from the left and back again like an accordion, and notice how the energy feels. Now move your right palm in a circle over the left palm. You can feel this circular motion. Next, keeping your fingers together, point the fingers of your right hand towards your left palm about 2 inches away from it. Now wave your fingers slowly over your left palm and you can feel the energy that flows from your fingertips moving across your palm.

You can help another person who is tired or in a low energy to feel replenished and uplifted. It is a wonderful gift to know this technique. Place your left hand upward to receive the light from above and let it flow through your left arm, through your heart center and down your right arm to your right hand. Place your right palm upward, parallel to the floor with the outside of your palm next to the base of the person’s spine. You don’t need to touch them, in fact it is better to stay about 2″ away. Then run your hand in that position, up their spine all the way, and up through the top of their head. Do this a few or several times. This is lifting that heavy energy upward and will give them a boost in their energy level. If you are low in energy, have them do that for you. It feels noticeably better. Isn’t it good to know how to direct energy! And it is so quick and easy.

When you are alone and need to raise your energy do the same procedure as when helping another as explained in the previous paragraph, except this time you place your right palm upward in front of your body starting at the lower chakra and run your hand up in that position raising the energy up and out the top of your head. This may be a little less effective than when someone runs your energy up your spine, but it will give you a little boost in energy and have a noticably good effect.

If someone is too hyped up, nervous, anxious, or their energy is running rampant, just reverse this exercise. Draw the energy down, and ground it into the earth. Hold your hands the same way as you did to raise the energy except your right hand position is palm downward. Start from the top of their head and run your hand down their spine and all the way down their legs into the earth. Do this a few or several times. This will help them relax and calm down.

One of the best and most efficient ways to clear unwanted, negative energy from your body is to visualize it flowing up from the base of your spine and out the top of your head. Do this a few times. You may or may not feel a change instantly, but after you just forget about it and move on, you will notice that you feel better. It works!

These exercises are to help you realize that energy is constantly flowing into, through, and from your body. Conscious awareness of experiencing this can help you direct your energy more efficiently.

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