The Blessings of the 1st Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

The partial Solar Eclipse in the new moon of July 12, 2018 at 7:48pm PST is not visible to USA this time.  It is creating a Cosmic Portal for blessings in our lives, wherever we live. The new moon is a time of new beginnings and is amplified by the Solar Eclipse. This sun-moon configuration is in the astrological sign Cancer. The moon rules water and emotions on earth, affecting us all, and of course it affects people in different ways according to the signs in your own natal chart. The moon represents the Divine feminine within everyone of us. This is a powerful time to plant the seeds for positive change in any areas of your life or being that need changing. Things that you want to accomplish or manifest have an extra boost at this time. Any plans you make or actions you take at this time, or new projects you begin will have the power of the nurturing qualities of the sun and moon in Cancer (new moon). All the mistakes you made or things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to go now have a chance for a fresh start with the new moon clearing those things away.

This is a good time for transformation of something within yourself or in your life that has been keeping you held back from your success or from your personal happiness. These cosmic spiritual energies of the universe will be assisting you but you may need to work diligently with great focus and determination for the results you want. The time period between today and July 25, just before Mercury goes retrograde is important for laying your plans and setting things in motion to the best of your ability, for your efforts and plans will probably become a successful actualization. It’s good to know that the power and assistance of this eclipse will last for one year.

Let’s focus a bit on the retrograde planets since there are 5 currently at the time of the eclipse. I like to spotlight the positive things as much as possible that result from the various planets aspects and to see how any of the challenges or difficulties that occur can help in our personal growth and sometimes be blessings in disguise. At this time while these planets are in retrograde there will be opportunities to do some things better than they were done before. It can be a time of second chances, in other words you get a chance to repeat something and do it better this time. This period of time requires a good bit of patience. You may find yourself having to repeat things that you thought were completed but they’re not, or something that you did that has to be redone, or things like that. … you get the idea. Things may seem to take longer, and it’s hard to keep up with the clock.

A good buzz word for this time period is “busy”. Here we are in the middle of summer and should be vacationing, but there’s so much to do. And even if you are on vacation you may find yourself busier in the midst of it all and having to create more rest and relaxation. There will be a need at this time to allow more “me” time, and figure out some good time management.

With all these planets retrograde there may be mix-ups in communication and perhaps delays. And you thought Mercury retrograde was a lot to handle when it causes mix-ups and delays. Well guess what, as if that wasn’t enough, Mercury will be going retrograde on the 25th of July. We are pretty much used to that as it happens so often and usually lasts about 3 weeks. Things usually get straightened out in the end, but along the way it may require more patience, diligence, and a lot of deep breaths.

Pluto retrograde is in opposition to the sun so there may be a seeming crisis with some situation in your life or in a relationship or even with your own self-confidence which can serve to prompt you to transform for the better. If you have any self-destructive inclinations this is the time to observe yourself very well and work on yourself to change any patterns and programs that you have that are holding you down, keeping you stuck, or repeating the same mistakes. Pluto brings about the darker and subconscious aspects which can show up as control and power issues, or something prompted by a competitor, enemy or opposition. With self awareness you can handle these things better than you would have in the past, and you can take action either within yourself or in the outer, or both, to bring about the desired improvements or changes.

There is a Grand Trine taking place in the universe. Saturn is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, And Venus is in Virgo. This Grand Trine gives the assistance of creativity and new energies to handle any crisis or oppositions more peacefully and with harmony and balance. There will probably be more support from others in our lives to help us get through the times of chaos or crisis, and to make progress.

It can be a time to observe power and control in your life. You may see something in a relationship that has to do with control or manipulation in your life. Perhaps it is time for you to let go of the pattern of being too controlling, or perhaps to let go of someone who is manipulating or trying to control you. It can be showing up as a need to create better communication in a relationship to achieve more harmony. It is a time of letting go of that which is not for your highest good in wherever that shows up in your life. Maybe things have been seeming out of control in your life and you need to take charge and make the changes necessary to create a more satisfying way of life.

Our saving grace is that the planet Venus is shining it’s Light of blessings upon us at this time. Venus in Virgo helps us to be more grounded in the harmonious qualities we all inately have. Let’s look at how Venus aspects the planets in the Grand Trine.  Venus trine Uranus stimulates the desire to try something new which is most helpful because Uranus initiates transformation, even sudden change. Venus trine Saturn can strengthen relationship commitment. Saturn in Capricorn can be a time good for long-term investments. This Grand Trine helps us have those breakthroughs that we really need to make progress in our lives. Now is the time to welcome and utilize this Cosmic energy and align yourself with your Divine Plan to manifest your highest good.

With Transforming Blessings of Love and Light, Sonia Star

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