8/8 Global Meditations all day (Lionsgate)

Greetings and Blessings Everyone,

I am sending the latest report on the Stargate weekend coming up.  Tune in with your prayers for global peace, planetary healing and your own personal upliftment.  Light activations will be going on throughout this whole time so any time you meditate on those days will be good. Just find your quiet place and tune in on the inner level.

In Love and Service to the Light,
Sonia Star

Can you feel it? Big jumps in frequency all week, as well as magnetic shifts reorganizing our timelines and realities for the upcoming influx.
External events quicken and amplify, more physicalization of the higher vibrations shaking loose the lower constructs. Notice the explosions and fires this week – some on significant stargate locations – which began immediately after that gate opened on Monday. Here we glow.

August is strong and will show you what your choices are creating. A clear demonstration of timelines, and a lot of clearing as the old collapses. Magnetics affect the emotional fields – your heart may shed many layers this month if you allow it, choose it, transform with it.

Aligned hearts are prepping in the Now for the December-January transition. And this heightened activity begins in AUGUST as predicted.⁠

On 8/8 global meditations will be taking place all over the planet. The transformational Gateway of August amplifies with intentional unified ceremony during the Lion’s Gate weekend, and goes FULL FLOW August 13 – 27.

This is a further amplification of the organic stargate system, open since January.⁠ It is also the launch pad for how the next 5 months will unfold, both personally and collectively.

⁠Can you feel the conversations, the partnerships, the alliances of the heart, the co-creations coming together with these magnetic shifts? Physicalizing the etheric is a theme for 2020 ~ how are you shining your Embodiment of the Cosmic Self in these realms?⁠ The flux of create-uncreate is training us to align with New Earth dynamics. Flow. Surrender. Presence. Keep taking those micro-movements when the GO creation windows present.

For those working with the organic stargates, you might feel *high* or have whirling or other types of sensations during this passage as the magnetic grid shifts occur and multiple uncomplimentary timelines get dismantled.⁠
⁠Freedom codes are amplified through responsible creation. Show humanity the new Divine Human. Connected, Free, Compassionate, Creative. Deny the inorganic impulse and leave duality in the dust. To Love, not to judge.⁠

⁠Remember the vast, untouchable, impeccable Christed Self you are. Tap into the collective intention for amplifying Ascension, peace and harmony, whenever it presents.

This weekend:
Saturday August 8: Global Lion’s Gate ceremonies, honoring the ancient connection with Sirius. Many groups still honor the 8/8. Unity is unity. The GATE THAT HAPPENS AFTERWARD is bolstered by these collective intentions to call in more Divine LoveLight. Add your light to the field of Love and Highest Intent.

On 8/8 we will open and set highest course for the significant Cosmic Stargate influxes (August 13-19, 23- 27).

The massive gateway that is August 2020 is ON. Breathe, align, refresh your intention to serve as a conduit of Divine Love. Cleanse, Detox, get focused and in New-Earth-Now mode NOW.

As we continue our journey, let us realize what is possible on our path of Ascension.

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