Looking For A Sign

On a day with much on my mind, I asked my God Presence for guidance and a sign of hope and reassurance. I hadn’t been outside much lately in the colder weather, and walked around looking at the surrounding nature, when out of a crack in the sidewalk I saw that this lovely flower had pressed right on up through that crack and produced two beautiful blossoms and one new bud! There was my positive sign, very clear, very meaningful. Couldn’t miss it! I felt joyfully reassured and full of hope. With a steadfast focus, keep on keeping on, pressing forward. Don’t give up and keep reaching for the Light and it will be sure to bring us through any seeming challenge, obstacle, delay, or darkness to the good we seek. A remarkable reminder, right?

☀️ The Light is always Victorious. Thank you God. 🌸



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Rare Cosmic Occurrence Coming Soon


Amidst all of the worldwide chaos and negative reports of the challenging times, I wanted to share with you a cool Cosmic observation which does not happen very often.

*Next Thursday will be the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. 🌎

How about that!?! 🤔Pretty remarkable isn’t it . 💫
I thought you would all find that interesting.  I know I do. ✨✨✨

I hope you are all staying safe and well and focusing on all the Positive and Good things in Life as much as you can. At this time more than ever, we need Unity in our Lightwork so we can have a positive effect on our planet’s collective outcomes. 🙏🏼 Let’s All pray often for the healing and upliftment of human consciousness, the United States, and our Entire Beloved Planet!

Peace be with us All & Peace on Earth!

Love and Light Blessings,

Sonia Star

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Burning Bowl Ceremony New Year’s Eve

🎆What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve?🌠

✨✨We have a tradition for New Year’s Eve called the Burning Bowl Ceremony.🔥✨✨ I first began this in 1979 at Christ Church Unity where I served for 15 years. It can be done anywhere and at any time that feels significant for you.  I like it on New Year’s Eve. One year we took an RV to Yosemite for New Years Eve using the fire pit there in the snow. It was beautiful. We will be doing this meaningful ritual at home this year.  I would like to share with you about this tradition.

The burning bowl ceremony is a fire ceremony that helps you release old, unwanted conditions or events in your life. In this ceremony we contemplate these conditions, things, ideas, thoughts, and habits that no longer serve our highest good. As a Hypnotherapist for 35 years, I must mention that some things will come to mind right away, but some of them are buried deep in the subconscious mind. In contemplation or meditation, as these things are revealed to our conscious mind, we write them down on paper, which actively releases them from us through our mind/body connection just as soon as the pen or pencil meets the paper. Then the paper is burned as a symbol of releasing and letting go. Watching these things burn up, we visualize it all rising up in the smoke and being released from us. This process helps the subconscious mind believe they are cleared away. Our conscious awareness activates the release of these problems and is able to then be free to experience renewal and create what we want in our life. Aligning our intention with faith, we let go of discord, old wounds, unhealthy feelings, thoughts, fears, negative energy, and that which does not serve our Divine Plan, Purpose and Mission. Through the significant and powerful release of the burning bowl ritual, we can let go of that which is holding us back, and what a perfect time to do this….at the end of the old year!

At the close of the ceremony it is good to say a decree, affirmation, prayer, or statement of your intention. Some suggestions for this could be:
*To keep it simple, you can say “I release that which is not for my highest good.”
*or say”I release what I don’t want. I let go and let God do the work in this sacred experience. In this, I am healed and renewed. I open my heart to love, and I am blessed with peace, joy, and harmony.”
* or “I AM the Violet Flame of Love, blazing through anything within me that needs to be released or healed.”
* or “I AM calling forth the Violet Flame to cleanse, uplift and purify everything within me.”
*or if you choose, you can call on God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Saint Germain, Krishna, the Universe, Holy Spirit, or whatever Higher Power you feel a connection with to assist you.

These are just some ideas, but most importantly, you say what your heart tells you in that moment to close the Burning Bowl Ceremony. Now the negative energy has been released, dissipated, vanished.

After completing the ritual we like to come back inside and write down all the things we Do want in the New Year. This is a good time to consider the future. Set aside some time to journal and/or visualize what you want to take the place of what has been released. What do you want to experience in life now? How do you want it to take shape?

Sometimes we write this just after midnight. Recently I have liked the energy of the 1st day of the new year to put pen to paper and write this. When we have written what we want, we put it in an envelope and leave it until July 1, half a year later to see how we are doing. We can also look at it again the next New Years eve. We can write our intentions in a journal or create a vision board and put it in a safe place and even set a reminder on our calendar for next year to see how our vision has taken shape.Blessings in releasing the old unwanted energies and manifestations, and creating that which is for our Highest Good and the good of all concerned.

All the best of everything!!
Love and Light,
Sonia Star

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2020 October Blue Moon Greetings

Love to you Dear Ones,

There has been the Orionid meteor shower dancing in our night skies this month and Mars is very close, looking big and bright!  So much is going on in the universe. The Beings of Light are closely assisting us.

Because Earth is a planet of free will, our Father-Mother God has been waiting for humanity to make the right choices, aligning our free will with God’s will.  It is our free will choices that have gotten humanity into trouble in the first place.  More of humanity must choose the higher way, such as peace, love, kindness, reverence for all life, and other God-qualities to change our out-picturing of what we are manifesting in the world.  There are so many changes that humanity needs to make to heal our planet that it seems to take a very long time. When a higher percentage of humanity is using our free will for Good, then the mass consciousness will be affected by the change, and the upswing of higher consciousness will be out-picturing more and more good, until we finally have created Heaven on Earth (the New Earth – the Golden Age).  I have seen this in various ways.  One of which is the practice of meditation and yoga.  When I started teaching Meditation and Yoga in 1970 it was still thought of by the mainstream as something weird or “out there”, even maybe a cult.  But I kept on practicing and teaching it along with other pioneers in the field, and now 50 years later, it has proven itself to be really beneficial and is practiced by athletes, musicians, doctors and recommended to their patients, all types of people, and is very mainstream.  Yes, these changes take a long time to reach mass consciousness, but with constancy they will get there.

Keep the vigilant prayers, decrees, and meditations going.  Visualize yourself and all humanity living in Harmony, Cooperation, Kindness, Peace, Love, and Reverence for all Life.  That which we send out comes back to us on the return current of Spiritual energy.  So if you have sent out anger, resentment, hate, or harmful thoughts, be sure you use the Sacred gift of the Violet Flame of forgiving Grace which will transmute that karmic energy back into the Light of God Perfection.  You can read more about the Violet Flame in my article on Solstar Light Center website.

Remember to ask and you will receive….and at the end of your prayer, decree or visualization say, “This or something better, according to the Divine plan for my highest good and the good of all concerned”.  And don’t forget to enjoy and give thanks for your life, your being, and all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you even in the midst of a pandemic and all the other chaos there may appear to be at this time.  Gratitude always brings more blessings.

Our I Am Presence will be weaving our Light into the Great Light as we call for uplifting blessings for us all here on Earth. May we all use this energy to send the Most Magnificent Light and Love to our planet and all life on Gaia, as we are receiving a planetary and personal upgrade at this unprecedented time in the history of Earth according to the Divine Plan.

Many Blessings in our continuing Ascension process as the earth and all humanity continue awakening and raising our vibrations and all the energy around us. We are One.

Peace and Love and Light,

Sonia Star

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8/8 Global Meditations all day (Lionsgate)

Greetings and Blessings Everyone,

I am sending the latest report on the Stargate weekend coming up.  Tune in with your prayers for global peace, planetary healing and your own personal upliftment.  Light activations will be going on throughout this whole time so any time you meditate on those days will be good. Just find your quiet place and tune in on the inner level.

In Love and Service to the Light,
Sonia Star

Can you feel it? Big jumps in frequency all week, as well as magnetic shifts reorganizing our timelines and realities for the upcoming influx.
External events quicken and amplify, more physicalization of the higher vibrations shaking loose the lower constructs. Notice the explosions and fires this week – some on significant stargate locations – which began immediately after that gate opened on Monday. Here we glow.

August is strong and will show you what your choices are creating. A clear demonstration of timelines, and a lot of clearing as the old collapses. Magnetics affect the emotional fields – your heart may shed many layers this month if you allow it, choose it, transform with it.

Aligned hearts are prepping in the Now for the December-January transition. And this heightened activity begins in AUGUST as predicted.⁠

On 8/8 global meditations will be taking place all over the planet. The transformational Gateway of August amplifies with intentional unified ceremony during the Lion’s Gate weekend, and goes FULL FLOW August 13 – 27.

This is a further amplification of the organic stargate system, open since January.⁠ It is also the launch pad for how the next 5 months will unfold, both personally and collectively.

⁠Can you feel the conversations, the partnerships, the alliances of the heart, the co-creations coming together with these magnetic shifts? Physicalizing the etheric is a theme for 2020 ~ how are you shining your Embodiment of the Cosmic Self in these realms?⁠ The flux of create-uncreate is training us to align with New Earth dynamics. Flow. Surrender. Presence. Keep taking those micro-movements when the GO creation windows present.

For those working with the organic stargates, you might feel *high* or have whirling or other types of sensations during this passage as the magnetic grid shifts occur and multiple uncomplimentary timelines get dismantled.⁠
⁠Freedom codes are amplified through responsible creation. Show humanity the new Divine Human. Connected, Free, Compassionate, Creative. Deny the inorganic impulse and leave duality in the dust. To Love, not to judge.⁠

⁠Remember the vast, untouchable, impeccable Christed Self you are. Tap into the collective intention for amplifying Ascension, peace and harmony, whenever it presents.

This weekend:
Saturday August 8: Global Lion’s Gate ceremonies, honoring the ancient connection with Sirius. Many groups still honor the 8/8. Unity is unity. The GATE THAT HAPPENS AFTERWARD is bolstered by these collective intentions to call in more Divine LoveLight. Add your light to the field of Love and Highest Intent.

On 8/8 we will open and set highest course for the significant Cosmic Stargate influxes (August 13-19, 23- 27).

The massive gateway that is August 2020 is ON. Breathe, align, refresh your intention to serve as a conduit of Divine Love. Cleanse, Detox, get focused and in New-Earth-Now mode NOW.

As we continue our journey, let us realize what is possible on our path of Ascension.

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Triad Eclipse Summer Solstice☀️Light Activation Event Schedule

Greetings Dear Ones,

There is much Cosmic activity happening at this time.  Light from the Great Central Sun in super waves is opening Celestial pathways.  I am sending you a schedule of the Triad Eclipse Event of 2020 happening now.  

It has been so overwhelmingly busy with all that is going on that I did not get it emailed out in time for the first one, which was the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on June 5.  There are so many planets in retrograde at this time, it may feel like you have been spinning your wheels, or having to repeat things over again, and maybe even again.  Sometimes it may feel like you are just getting nowhere fast in what you are trying to do in the outer.  All of this can be annoying and time consuming, but knowing about it can help with practicing patience until you get the desired result.  And it seems that lots of patience is needed these days for a lot of reasons.  

Along with the June 5th eclipse, there was a small Asteroid which came close to Earth, and today there was a small earthquake in the East foothills of San Jose.  (*Reminder: Send Golden Light from above to the fault lines, and decree: “Peace in the Land Beneath us”.  Visualize this.  Also affirm the Peace Benediction that is on my Website (see the link below). The power of the spoken word is great so we choose our words wisely.  Affirm: “Peace within me, Peace above me, Peace below me, Peace all around me. Peace.”  Our clarion call goes out to the universe and we have great help from above.)  Starseeds, Grid workers, Gate keepers and all the Lightworkers have been and are being trained for this on the inner level not just in this lifetime, but others as well.  During this activation period you may find yourself feeling rejuvenated, or maybe have nervous energy, and then shortly after that, tired.  This is because a lot of the Lightwork is being done on the inner.  Some have said they feel tired even after a full night of sleeping.  That is because there is sometimes Lightwork that we are doing while our body sleeps. Throughout the day it is good to take a moment to lay down and refresh, or just sit and look at, or touch a tree or a flower, or something in nature.  Holding and using our crystals helps us to recharge too.  By the way, there are many special Crystal Beds throughout USA which are being activated during this triple eclipse passage which will bring forth the Freedom codes from within the crystals.

There have been Solar Flares with their complex magnetic fields flashing, liquid plasma, and photon flashes.  I saw light flash across my tv screen during one of them and also in front of me while out in the sun.  There have been some electronic interferences but they seem to be quick and over in a flash, (at least so far).  All this year I have seen little starburst Light sparks around me, and other mystical appearances.  I’ve have had some challenges as well as Beautiful Divine experiences of Light and Upliftment.  I know the Ascended Masters, Star Beings of Light, and the Angels are all around us assisting us at this time of Galactic acceleration…and time seems to be moving so fast. The second eclipse is the Solar Eclipse, coming soon on June 20, Summer Solstice, with the activation of ancient Stargates.  The 3rd Eclipse is on Independence Day, the 4th of July.  We will be able to see the Lunar Eclipse on July 4 in the United States.  There will be global meditations and different groups have them set for different times, so really, any time you meditate on those days or evenings will be good, as the Light activations will be going on throughout the whole day and night of each one.  Just find your quiet place and tune in on the inner level. They are amplified on these days, but are actually going on throughout each day during these weeks of the Triad Eclipses. See the schedule of the Eclipses below.

The Covid 19 epidemic which started in December 2019 has made all humanity go through some major changes.  People have had to step back and re-evaluate their lives.  Things are changing on many levels.  We have all been feeling the dismantling of the old paradigm and the activation of the new DNA codes within us and all around us.  There will be a continuance of this all throughout the year.  This Triad Eclipse Event is taking place in 2020.  Numerologically 2020 equals the number 4 vibration, the building of a new foundation.  Before the new foundation can be completed the old foundation has to be adjusted.

The Freedom codes activate the timeline division which is happening.  A timeline is the past, present, and future which are all happening in various levels or dimensions.  They are Quantum, all happening at the same time.  The timeline we are aware of being in is determined by where our consciousness is.  We have a consciousness boost now which can assist us to be aware of more than the 3rd or 4th Dimension, which is totally new to some people.  Others have been experiencing it for some time.  The old energies of the past have been coming up to be released so healing and positive change can occur, both personally and especially globally.  During this intense time, the records and memories of enslavement are brought to light.  The chaos and negativity that has come up for clearing and to bring about needed change in our world is felt on a global scale.  The dark secret agendas, the apparent control structures as well as the subconscious thought forms of mass consciousness are being brought to Light.  We must remain in our center of Divine Light and Love to be the transmitters of Peace and Harmony during this time of transformation.

Be compassionate and as non-judgemental as you can, while doing whatever you feel Divinely guided to do to be of help. Not everyone is meant to be out in the forefront of the situations.  Some of the most important work is done behind the scenes on the inner level.  Send out as much Love, Harmony, Peace, and Light as you can, as often as you can, to everyone, everywhere on this planet, with a special focus on America, the land of freedom.  Call for that freedom to be used correctly for the Highest Good of all concerned.  Use the Violet Light Flame often to transmute human miscreation, and fill up with the Solar Christ Light, letting that Light expand and flow out to all life on our beloved Gaia.  Let us call for the Highest and Best outcomes and results for our New Earth.

The Freedom code activation is most powerful in the United States of America where we are transmuting much of the negative energy one step at a time.  It does appear chaotic which was expected, and continues while these releases are going on in the collective physical realm. Let your Light expand to stay centered in the Higher Vibrations as you see all that is going on around you. We are at the point of the acceleration of the timeline division, which was anticipated several years ago when it began, and was amplified in 2018 at the time of the various eclipses, which I wrote about at that time.  You can see them posted on my Website under “Articles”.  Now in 2020 we see the physicalization of those amplifications.  Prayer, meditation, decrees, affirmations, creative visualizations, all help to keep our clarity and stay aligned with heart based intentions. When we align our choices with Higher guidance and decisions in the present, it may feel like detachment but it is just that we are moving in a vibration that is different than the chaotic vibe.  This is a timeline division so we are choosing the timeline we want to be in.  The timelines are Quantum…they are all happening at the same time.  So the shift into the higher dimensional energy and consciousness is happening.  Some are in the dimensions of the 3D reality where the chaos is happening, and some are in a 5D reality vibration, and even higher dimensions.  The earth is receiving superwaves of Ascension activations and we are all going through it.  Remember that this is also a time for our own individual clearing, healing and uplifting self-empowerment as we make choices from the heart center to align with our Higher Self.  We have much assistance from the Higher Realms as we wisely choose our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. 

As we are moving through this passage together, let us stay aware of the Blessing that there really are so many people making the choices of Unity, Peace, Harmony, Love, and Divine Service.  As we expand our much needed Divine Light out to the world we are uplifted, and we are contributing to the upliftment of all life on this planet.  We are One. 

🌕  🌖  🌗  🌘  🌑  🌒  🌓  🌔  🌕 


The schedule is as follows: 



Summer Solstice peak at 2:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time 

Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse at 11:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(New Moon at 11:40PM PDT)

Major Galactic Convergence, alignment with the Galactic Ecliptic, and a Superwave of Crystalline Light. Ancient Stargates and celestial pathways are opened. ⭐



Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse at 9:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(Full Moon at 9:44 PM PDT)

Unlocking our Supreme choice to Ascend, right through the Caves of Creation, Living Library of Gaia and our Divine DNA. The next layer of Freedom codes is released through the American crystal beds.  ⭐


Blessings of Love and Light,

Sonia Star


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It’s All About the Energy Part I

Have you ever walked into a room and you just felt your energy change?  Either it got revved up (like at a conference where everyone is excited) or it went down, or you started to feel scattered, drained, or overwhelmed?  Well, that’s because you were too wide open and walked into the predominant energy the people in the room had created.  What they brought with them, or what developed while getting together with each other, creates a mass energy – and you walk into it.  We all need to take a little moment to be prepared (or “preprayered”, I like to call it).  It’s best to prepare yourself with energy protection before you walk into the room or space and it only takes a quick focus.  Just take a deep breath and visualize a white light surrounding you like a big tube of Light.  You can also say silently or decree out loud, whichever is appropriate, “I surround myself in the tube of White Light Protection”.  Then when you enter the room, you can still be aware of the energy around you, but it won’t affect you and you won’t take it on.  If you start at any time to experience or create any negative thoughts or feelings yourself, it may weaken the effect so you may need to re-do it, or replenish that white light and your decree.  So you still have to keep your guard up and be aware.

If you forgot to do the white light protection before entering the room or space, or if you want to take it further, you can also clear any negative or misqualified energy from yourself.  But first, understand that the energy is pure and perfect as it comes from our Source.  It comes down from above and enters the top of the head and fills our body with Divine Energy and Light, and this is what keeps us alive and animated.  But when we think and visualize, we create thought forms, which create feelings, and our feelings can be felt by others.  It’s all energy… and we can either qualify the pure energy with our positive, harmonious thoughts and feelings, or misqualify the energy with discordant thoughts and feelings.  So if you find yourself having misqualified the energy with a thought or feeling, or you are feeling the energy others have misqualified, here is what you can do to change it.  Just visualize a purple, Violet Light that is flowing upwards in waves like a huge flame.  Now visualize this light or flame, flowing upwards from under your feet, all the way up, in, through, and around your body.  This will instantly transmute, change, or purify the misqualified energy, and bring it back to its pure state.  You may feel the vibes change.  It may be felt by you right away or after you forget about it for a while, and then you realize, “Oh I feel better now”.  Everyone is different, and every time is not exactly the same.  But it works!  The Violet Light is the highest vibration of color on this planet.  It combines the pink (love) and blue (power).  Our thoughts are things.  They are potent and can move energy.  The particles of light are all around us, and in us.  We don’t see it all because our brain minds see the fact forms, energies in form in a certain way.  But the Light is here for us to use.  You don’t have to believe it.  Just try it and find out for yourself.

Think about the times you just can’t stay focused.  If you find yourself getting scattered, try this exercise to ground and center  yourself.  Visualize a golden white Light shining down from above, entering the top of your head and flowing down through what I call the “Great Central Channel” (through the center of your body) and out the soles of your feet into the earth.  You can imagine it going all the way to the Light in the center of the earth (the place of even pressure) or just a little way down into the earth.  This will stabilize and ground your energies and help you feel more centered.  If you have been very scattered and still need more, then take it to the next level.  I like to do this exercise when I’ve been feeling scattered or bombarded by other people’s energy.  Take a deep breath and notice how you feel.  Then visualize a big ball of golden light above your head.  Now call your own energy back to you from wherever it has been scattered.  Your energy enters the golden ball of light above your head.  Just let it come.  Now when you feel complete with that, direct the ball of light with your energy in it to enter the top of your head and fill your body with golden white Light and your own energy.  Observe how good that feels.  Then ground yourself by extending that light from the soles of your feet into the earth.  Notice how much better you feel and how much more present and centered you are.

Did you know that you can also ground a room? Sometimes the room is left with scattered energies from the people who were previously in it and their energy or activity.  If you feel this about a room, try the following exercise.

How to Ground a Room

Now that you know how to ground and center yourself, do you know that you can also ground a room?  Sometimes the room is left with scattered energies from the people who were previously in it, and their thoughts, feelings, or activity.  If you feel this about a room, try the following exercise.  First, ground yourself as I have explained.  Then visualize the Light coming down from above and flowing down like a pillar or pole into one corner of the room, then the next corner, until all four corners have the beam of light flowing down from above and into the earth beneath them.  Notice how this changes the energy of the room.  If you still feel the room needs more than grounding, perhaps bad energy was left in it, then of course you will want to visualize the Violet Flame blazing upward throughout the room and transmuting the energy back to its purity and balance.  To finish the activity, call forth the golden white Light from above to fill the room with Divine Peace and Harmony.  Notice how good that room feels Now.  It’s all about the energy!!

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It’s All About the Energy Part II

We’ve all been drained from someone chattering, or maybe a phone call and you don’t really feel like talking or listening. Here’s something you can do to keep from getting drained, or if you did get drained, to help bring your energy up again. You can even do this while you’re talking and listening. Visualize a Golden wheel of Light beaming down from above and entering the top of your head, then direct that light out your heart and into their heart, up through the top of their head, and around into the top of your head. Keep the circle of light flowing, like a Wheel of Light. You will soon feel replenished with energy instead of drained. It’s a good pick me up.

Here is an exercise you can do if you want to feel the energy more, or just practice how to do it. Sit with a partner, facing each other. Now start to send the wheel of light to them – remember it comes down from above, into the top of your head, out your heart into their heart and up and out the top of their head, into the top of yours, back out your heart into theirs and keep the circle or wheel flowing. Feel how the energy picks you both up. Now try reversing it, and your partner sends the energy out their heart to you and keeps the wheel flowing. Notice how it feels when you are now receiving the energy instead of sending. In this exercise you are actually both receiving of course, as the energy flows in and flows out. But there is a subtle difference in how it feels. Directing energy in this manner can really keep you from getting drained. Remember to try it next time you’re in that situation. It also works when talking on the phone as well, even though they are physically not right there with you.

Another exercise to feel the energy: Put the palm of your left hand (the receiving side) up to receive the energy and the palm of your right hand (the sending side) down. Now your partner puts their left hand also turned palm up, about 2 inches underneath your right hand and their right hand turned downward 2 inches above your right hand. You keep the hands about 2 inches apart and don’t touch, so you are feeling the energy between your hands to know that it is actually there. It may feel like heat, or maybe just something a little denser than air, or a gentle force. Just notice how you feel it.

There is another exercise you can do by yourself, without a partner, to feel the flow of energy from your hands. Put your left (receiving) palm upward and you’re right (sending) palm downward about 2 inches above your left palm. Then move your right palm slightly away from the left and back again like an accordion, and notice how the energy feels. Now move your right palm in a circle over the left palm. You can feel this circular motion. Next, keeping your fingers together, point the fingers of your right hand towards your left palm about 2 inches away from it. Now wave your fingers slowly over your left palm and you can feel the energy that flows from your fingertips moving across your palm.

You can help another person who is tired or in a low energy to feel replenished and uplifted. It is a wonderful gift to know this technique. Place your left hand upward to receive the light from above and let it flow through your left arm, through your heart center and down your right arm to your right hand. Place your right palm upward, parallel to the floor with the outside of your palm next to the base of the person’s spine. You don’t need to touch them, in fact it is better to stay about 2″ away. Then run your hand in that position, up their spine all the way, and up through the top of their head. Do this a few or several times. This is lifting that heavy energy upward and will give them a boost in their energy level. If you are low in energy, have them do that for you. It feels noticeably better. Isn’t it good to know how to direct energy! And it is so quick and easy.

When you are alone and need to raise your energy do the same procedure as when helping another as explained in the previous paragraph, except this time you place your right palm upward in front of your body starting at the lower chakra and run your hand up in that position raising the energy up and out the top of your head. This may be a little less effective than when someone runs your energy up your spine, but it will give you a little boost in energy and have a noticably good effect.

If someone is too hyped up, nervous, anxious, or their energy is running rampant, just reverse this exercise. Draw the energy down, and ground it into the earth. Hold your hands the same way as you did to raise the energy except your right hand position is palm downward. Start from the top of their head and run your hand down their spine and all the way down their legs into the earth. Do this a few or several times. This will help them relax and calm down.

One of the best and most efficient ways to clear unwanted, negative energy from your body is to visualize it flowing up from the base of your spine and out the top of your head. Do this a few times. You may or may not feel a change instantly, but after you just forget about it and move on, you will notice that you feel better. It works!

These exercises are to help you realize that energy is constantly flowing into, through, and from your body. Conscious awareness of experiencing this can help you direct your energy more efficiently.

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My Amazing Experience on the Night of the Ruby Supermoon Eclipse

Celestial Greetings,

I remember back in the 1970’s when we did not have what we often call the “Global Brain” (The Internet). TV reception was not the greatest, and I was just not that interested in TV anyway, so I really didn’t even watch the news and weather much. The year was 1975.  I had no idea there was a Lunar Eclipse of the Super Moon coming. I woke up from a dream that morning (which I later found out was a precognitive dream). In the dream I was seeing this huge brilliant ruby red ball of Light rising from the horizon, practically filling up my view of the sky, when suddenly a foreboding black rod or tube appeared in front of me and stopped me from moving any further. Then a magestic Knight in white shining armor appeared on a snow white horse and whisked me away to safety. That dream was so vivid and colorful that I could not get it out of my mind all day.

Later on in the early evening I got in my car to go visit a friend and headed down the freeway. As I drove I began to see directly in front of my view was a huge red ball of light rising slowly up from the horizon. As I kept driving it kept on rising and was a beautiful ruby red like I had never seen before, except in the dream. This amazing Red Moon was closer to the earth appearing much bigger than I had ever seen the moon be. It wasn’t as exaggerated as in my dream but that ruby moon was huge. Suddenly my car started knocking and sputtering under the hood! The car began to falter and I had to pull over to the side of the freeway and stop completely. Oh no, I was stuck on the side of the freeway all by myself not knowing what had happened to my car. Of course we had no mobile phones then, but as the cars were whizzing by me I did have the most beautiful amazing sight to look at… that huge ruby red moon. I prayed for help and protection. I put my blinkers on to signal that I needed help and within minutes, to my relief, help arrived. A shiny clean white Jeep pulled over to the side of the freeway in front of me and to my astonishment, out stepped a man dressed in a white suit. Not something you expect to see..a man in a white suit getting out of a white jeep. He walked up to my window and asked if he could help me. He was on his way to some special event but he said that he had plenty of time if there was anything he could do to help. He opened up the hood and found that a tube had burst and needed replacing before the car could be driven again. He had the hook up to tow my car and offered to tow it home for me, saying that it would be an easy repair and he could come back the next day and fix it for me. I was amazed at how this whole thing had unfolded so far and accepted his offer. So he brought me and my car back to my house and went on to his event. I  called the friend I was going to see when this all occured to share what had happened and we were both in awe of it all.

Sure enough the next day he came back in his white Jeep with the parts needed in hand and commenced to repair my car for me just out of the goodness of his heart. When he was finished, I expressed my sincere gratitude for his kindness and then he departed, never to be seen again. A Knight in shining white armor had come to my rescue in modern day form.  Needless to say, that is one dream and experience I will always remember!

Ruby Supermoon/Bluemoon coming 1-20-2019

There will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon tomorrow night which is the only Total Eclipse of 2019. It is called a Super Blue/Blood Moon . It will appear larger than normal because it is a Supermoon, a more recent popular term for the phenomenon that occurs when a full moon is in it’s closest position to the Earth. A Bluemoon is when the moon is full for the second time in that month. Lunar eclipses that occur during supermoons are rare.  This time we really have it all, a Supermoon, Bluemoon, Bloodmoon, Lunar Eclipse. I hope we have clear sky visibility, and that it is as spectacular as that special Ruby Supermoon I saw in 1975!

Metaphysically speaking, with this eclipse humanity will be receiving a Wave of Universal Grace on the high vibrations of Celestial Transmissions for the purpose of awakening us on our journey to wholeness and remembering our Divine Destiny. On the metaphysical level, an eclipse is a highly charged alchemical Gateway which can help us gain momentum in our Ascension.  It amplifies our ability to release what we know is not for our highest good, and get us aligned with what we want to bring into our life and experience. The Ancients were guided to use the eclipse as a holy time in which prayers and decrees were tremendously amplified. This Supermoon eclipse is in the astrological sign of Leo which rules the heart. It is a time to remember the flame of creation that lights our hearts and as co-creators to focus that heart light into the areas of our being and life and our world where we want to create change. This is an opportunity to heal and change those patterns on a personal as well as planetary level. Even if you have alot of challenges, let yourself trust and know that the heavens do have a plan for you. Focus on your prayers and affirmations with all of your heart to manifest that which is for your highest good because any prayers you have at this time will be generously supported. Concentrate on self-care, expanding your growth, gently pushing past your comfort zone where it is necessary to create the changes you need, and commitment. With the moon in Leo and the sun in Aquarius, there is a real tendency to reach out to others, perhaps getting in touch with people you have not talked to for a while, catching up on communications, especially if you have an air sign in your chart (Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini). Don’t be surprised if someone contacts you that you didn’t expect, or that you had been thinking about. The North Node goes into the sign of Cancer at this time which guides us to compassion and forgiveness of ourselves as well as other people, and a greater nurturing of ourselves and others. This helps to heal our mind, body and emotions. The shadow of the Eclipse reminds us to let the dark, hidden hurts and wounds of our hearts and subconscious come to the Light for healing. It opens the way for transmutation, dimensional shifting, and illumination of the areas where we have been afraid to let our light shine, and allow ourselves to move forward to our soul’s true destined Divine Plan, Purpose, and Mission. Don’t let yourself get caught up in worry, anger, sadness, or any other negative feelings that bring you down.  Look up…not just at the sky, but inwardly look up to higher thoughts. At this time contemplate on the vast wonders and beauty of the Universe, and the inter-connectedness of all Life. It is a reminder to pay more attention to all that is good and beautiful in our lives instead of what is not, and it will paint our feelings with the vibrant colors of the joy we can feel when we do. This lifts us into a higher vibration and brings us closer to our Source which we are each an important part of and can never be separate from. to make the epic journey the vast wonders and beauty of the Universe, and the inter-connectedness of all Life. It is a reminder to pay more attention to all that is good and beautiful in our lives instead of what is not, and it will paint our feelings with the vibrant colors of the joy we can feel when we do. This lifts us into a higher vibration and brings us closer to our Source which we are each an important part of and can never be separate from.

On Sunday night, start watching the skies about 7:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time as the Earth’s shadow begins passing in front of the moon from the lower left. Total eclipse begins at about 8:41 p.m. Pacific Standard Time when it will probably be at it’s reddest, and continues for about an hour until 9:43 p.m. It ends around 11:48 pm.

See chart below:

Time Description
6:36 pm PST Sun, Jan 20   – Penumbral Eclipse begins The Earth’s penumbra start touching the Moon’s face.
7:33 pm PST Sun, Jan 20   – Partial Eclipse begins Partial moon eclipse starts – moon is getting red.
8:41 pm PST Sun, Jan 20   – Total Eclipse begins Total moon eclipse starts – completely red moon.
9:12 pm PST Sun, Jan 20   – Maximum Eclipse Moon is closest to the center of the shadow.
9:43 pm PST Sun, Jan 20   – Total Eclipse ends Total moon eclipse ends.
10:50 pm PST Sun, Jan 20 – Partial Eclipse ends Partial moon eclipse ends.
11:48 pm PST Sun, Jan 20 –   Penumbral Eclipse ends The Earth’s penumbra ends.


Look upward and Enjoy!!!

In Love and Service to the Light,

Sonia Star

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The Winter Solstice Brings us Hope

Greetings Everyone!

The main meaning and significance of the Winter Solstice is Hope. Today, December 21, 2018, is Winter Solstice in North America, officially the shortest day of the year. Winter Solstice is the point at which Earth’s axis is tilted as far from the Sun as it will be all year. The maximum tilt away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere means the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year in 2018. As we celebrate the increasing daylight hours to come, look to the sky tonight and you can mark the occasion with the spectacular meteor shower and a full Moon! Today, as the Sun shifts into the tenth zodiac sign of Capricorn, we experience the “sun standing still”, a critical point on the Sun’s cycle through the cosmos. It is at this point that we enter into a new direction of energy, start moving towards a phase of completion, and begin wrapping up the year. It is at this point that we start reflecting on the lessons that the cycle of the year has brought us, and now we begin the shift. Even though we may experience a different expression of this energy depending which end of the earth we live in, the message is the same. The December Solstice is about honoring both light and darkness, celebrating the life-giving Sun, and celebrating the full expression of who we really are.

The spiritual and energetic significance of the winter solstice is multi-faceted, but the most significant is that it symbolizes the birth of the sun. The birth of the sun is representative of the birth of Jesus. This was symbolic of the birth of the spiritual sun within, that we are not separate from the creator. If you aren’t particularly religious or spiritual, you might feel like this has nothing to do with you but really, it does. The winter solstice is a time of quiet energy, where you get the opportunity to look within yourself and focus on what you want and need. It’s a time to set goals and intentions for the coming year, to examine and let go of our past, and to make changes within ourselves. The solstice is essentially tied to a personal awakening. It is a time to express your full potential and allow your inner light to light up the world around you.

Wherever you are at, most importantly, it is a time to celebrate and find joy. It is a time to use the full power of the Sun to achieve your dreams and wishes. It is a time to light yourself up, and to see the world light up in turn. The primary meaning of the Winter Solstice is Hope. Darkness can be tranquil and peaceful. Make use of this to meditate, and turn inward to be reflective, allowing yourself to process the year’s experiences, take the lessons learned as well as the benefits received, and find your Inner Peace with it all. The Winter Solstice celebrates the Presence of Spirit and the Power of Faith and Hope that our visions of the future will manifest.

May you have a Wonderful Christmas filled with great Love and Happiness!  May you enjoy the journey to the fulfilling destination of your Goals, Hopes and Dreams out-picturing in you and in your life!

I am grateful for all of you, and prayerfully send to you on the current of Spiritual Energy, Blessings of Divine Love and Light, Peace and Prosperity in the coming New Year!

In Love and Service to the Light,

Sonia Star

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You have permission to use and share this copyrighted material providing you give proper credit to the author and do not change it or charge for it. Thank you.