Greetings, and Divine Blessings of the Autumn Equinox!

This is the time to remember the great potential in the seeds of your hopes, dreams and plans which you planted in the beautiful garden of your mind during the glorious season of new Spring energy.

Then think about the amazing growing season in the warm glow of Summer and how you nurtured those seeds of potential, learning and growing, along the way. There were plenty of weeds to pull as they popped up in the fertile soil of your mind and life, perhaps showing up as challenges, and maybe even struggles. But as you pulled those weeds, worries or negativities from your mind and fertilized with positive thoughts, prayers and affirmations, the seeds began to grow and blossom toward their grand potential.

Now we are coming into the blessed harvest season of the Autumn Equinox. These awesome energies are bringing the harvest, the manifestation of these precious seeds of life. If all the things are not manifesting as you hoped or wished they would,  your efforts are never wasted. There is always learning and growing happening within to make us stronger, better, more diligent, and more aware of what we need to do next time.  These are also an important part of the harvest and valuable for next year’s garden.

Let us cherish and be thankful to our Creator Source for those Blessings we do have manifesting in our lives and lovingly, joyfully gather and reap the blessings of our harvest during the autumn months as they appear in our lives.

I wish for you a harvest of the Highest and Best of Everything in your journey of Life!

Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Love and Light,

Sonia Star

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The Blessings of the 3rd Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

We have now come to the last eclipse in the rare Summer Eclipse Trilogy.  On August 11, 2018 this partial Solar Eclipse in the New Moon will not be visible from USA, but nontheless, it does affect us. There is a conjunction of the new moon and the eclipse of the sun with retrograde Mercury. We have new
insights we have learned from our experiences and our lessons since the first eclipse of July 12, which can help or have already helped to guide us appropriately into a new way or a new direction in some particular area of our being or life. The new moon is time for new beginnings, whether something small or large. The effects of the amazing Summer trio of Eclipses will last through January of 2019, so the decisions, changes, or plans we make or have made during this eclipse trio time are important.

A reminder for this period of time is to try slowing down whenever you can and take things more gently and strategically. Give yourself the space to contemplate all that you have to be thankful for and think before you speak or act. Be a bringer of joy and harmony as much as you can. Remember that it starts within, so be kind to yourself as well as others and try to stay out of other people’s drama during this time. You can be helpful without getting involved in the actual drama or letting it affect you.

Since the first eclipse in the trilogy, there have been some rather uncomfortable challenges as well as bursts of new growth and progress.  If you haven’t made any progress in the areas that you were hoping to, then it is time to look within to find out if perhaps you need to change your priorities. Maybe there is something you need to bring to completion and stop procrastinating. It is a good time to try to keep as much flexibility in your schedule as you can to allow space for opportunities, changes, or just to give yourself enough time to relax and keep the balance in your life. After all, it’s been pretty intense since the first eclipse. When you have enough time and space created in your life it helps you to be able to keep a clear head and make the right decisions without rushing or being impulsive.  It also helps you receive more clearly the guidance and assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels and Beings of Light. One thing to remember at this time is to be strong in your own inner truth so that you will not negatively react to any one else’s opinions or judgments. Listen to your heart. Keep your inner harmony and peace. Speak your Truth with diplomacy and sensitivity, and keep your Light shining brightly. Be true to yourself and don’t get caught up in any negativity going on with others around you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful, it just means you need to be clear and focus on staying positive and strong in your convictions in the direction that you are choosing to go, or in what you want to do about something or with your life. Being more objective will help you to make the right choices, decisions, and plans. If you are just feeling you need some change in your life, but don’t know what it is, or what to do, turn within to that All-Knowing Presence, and call for Divine guidance.  Then be open and receptive to receiving it and paying attention so you recognize it when it comes.

From August 11 to the end of Mercury retrograde on August 18 there are wonderful activations of the DNA codes going on within us. So any time that you can sit and relax, meditate, or just be still for a while and let yourself be receptive to the Divine Light and just soak it up, will help you to adjust to these activations. Drink plenty of water and be sure you get enough sleep, because with an active schedule the adjustments will be going on in your sleep state as well, especially if you have not had enough time to meditate or relax.  There is a particular activation in the millennials and children at this time.  They have come in with pre-encoded DNA which will be activated at this time to open them to their awakening, as they are the future. Every person on earth at this time is receiving the activation of the Divine pre-encoded DNA codes within us which we brought within us when we entered the earth plane in this lifetime. This is a process, and with this activation our I Am Presence, Divine Self, God Self is directing this magnificent Light into every cell, atom, molecule and electron of each one of us to intensify this great release of Higher Frequency Light to everything and everyone on earth to raise our consciousness in our advancement toward enlightenment. Let us remember that we are all one, and we are in the process of the earth’s Ascension. Let us rise up to the occasion and open our hearts and minds to the continuous lifting of our vibratory frequency and the expansion of Light and Love.

Be Forever Blessed!

In Divine Love and Service, Sonia Star

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The Blessings of the 2nd Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

The Lunar Eclipse of the full moon in Aquarius on July 27, 2018 will look like a glowing red ball of light in the sky from some parts of the world. It will not be visible from USA this time. This rare Stellar event will be famous for being the longest eclipse of the century. It is the second eclipse in a special trio of Summer 2018 eclipses. It is also the most influential eclipse of this year and we will collectively as well as individually be feeling the effects for about 6 to 8 weeks.

In ancient times eclipses were regarded as a bad omen. This superstition came from the people of the day who were ignorant to the fact that this is a regular happening and that there are eclipses every year. When they saw that everything became darkened by the covered moon or sun they were fearful because they could not explain why and did not understand that it is the positioning of the planets which are cyclic in nature. The truth is that there are more opportunities for the Blessings from on high to enter the earth’s atmosphere during these times.

This lunar eclipse of the full moon is prompting us to bring more Light to the world. As the shadows cover the moon with darkness all around, the moon is still radiating light and is simply shaded and appearing as darkness. When the shadow moves slowly across the moon, the radiance of the Celestial lunar brilliance brings light to the darkness and illumines the night sky. So too, does our Inner Light still shine even if we are going through a time of seeming darkness.

People all over the planet are awakening and rising above the confusion,chaos and painful miscreations that appear to be in the world. We Lightworkers (ones who are aware of and purposely spreading the Light) and all of us who are aware of these multidimensional revelations and are doing what we can to spread the Light, as well as those of us who are a positive influence for good in the world in any way shape or form whether they know they are expanding the Light or not, have been adjusting and becoming more regulated and attuned to these new energies for a long time now and are in preparation for the first wave of Ascension. Just as the Ascended Masters reach to us through the veil assisting us to rise in that first wave of Ascension, after we become adjusted to those higher frequencies, we will in turn reach to others who are then ready for the second wave, and so on it continues in the process of Ascension. No matter what things look like in the appearance world of the third dimension, remember all the terrible things you see on the news and so on are actually a small percentage of the people on earth. There are so many good people doing good things and this is what we must focus on to maintain our uplifting energy. We all have our part in this great Divine plan, and everyone is equal no matter what our role is and what our timing is in it. In actuality everyone is participating in this great activity of Light on inner and outer levels. Keep your mind on the good things that are happening and accentuate the positive.

If you are feeling emotionally vulnerable, out of balance, irritable or anxious, this is a time to know that healing can happen. Tune in to the great spiritual currents of energy available now and take time to be still and open up to the majesty and grace of the Cosmic blessings. It is a good time for transformation. Observe yourself and others and work on being patient and kind to yourself as well as them. If you begin to feel negative, overly critical, or judgmental, it is time to forgive yourself and others. This does not mean you need to be with someone who hurt you, or to stay in a damaging situation or relationship, but just that you are releasing yourself from the pain of holding onto the old hurts and wounds. It sets you free to be able to heal and use that energy in positive ways. If you are holding on to self condemnation, wishing you would have done something differently or better, or feeling what I call the “shoulda-coulda-woulda” syndrome, just use these experiences as lessons learned, let go of them, forgive yourself and move on with more freedom and peace.

Along with self-improvement at this time, there may also be a feeling of wanting to improve your surroundings, your home, or environment. This is a time of speaking your truth and owning your personal power. It is a time of expansion. You may feel the desire for greater self expression and success in a relationship, or in your work or service. The opportunity is here for us to know that our dreams and goals can out-picture in our lives. As we turn within to our Divine guidance we become more receptive to the ideas and the direction of manifesting these ideas with courage and integrity. There is a boost of energy at this time which can give us the motivation or inspiration that we need to achieve these goals or to begin the process.

At this time things may come up to the surface for clearing and healing of things like past emotional hurts and wounds or insecurities, doubts or fears. As these come up we must instantly transmute them and then fill up with Divine Light and Love, and spread Light where ever we are. We can do this by keeping a positive attitude, by a kind word or deed given to someone in need of it, or through our prayers, affirmations, decrees or meditations. We can visualize the light flooding our planet and blessing all life on planet earth. Beloved Ascended Master Jesus said “ I am the light of the world”. He also said “These things and greater shall ye do”. Now is the time to channel more Light and Love into and through ourselves, into our lives, and expand that Light to all of our family, friends and neighbors expanding out to our state, our country and then everywhere, to everyone and everything on our sweet Mother Earth. This lifts the vibrational frequency of the planet and all life abiding on earth to continue our journey rising up to the next step of our evolution into the fifth dimension drawing us closer to the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Remember, you are the Star of Your Life, so Let Your Light Shine!

In Oneness, Love and Service to the Light, Sonia Star

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The Blessings of the 1st Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

The partial Solar Eclipse in the new moon of July 12, 2018 at 7:48pm PST is not visible to USA this time.  It is creating a Cosmic Portal for blessings in our lives, wherever we live. The new moon is a time of new beginnings and is amplified by the Solar Eclipse. This sun-moon configuration is in the astrological sign Cancer. The moon rules water and emotions on earth, affecting us all, and of course it affects people in different ways according to the signs in your own natal chart. The moon represents the Divine feminine within everyone of us. This is a powerful time to plant the seeds for positive change in any areas of your life or being that need changing. Things that you want to accomplish or manifest have an extra boost at this time. Any plans you make or actions you take at this time, or new projects you begin will have the power of the nurturing qualities of the sun and moon in Cancer (new moon). All the mistakes you made or things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to go now have a chance for a fresh start with the new moon clearing those things away.

This is a good time for transformation of something within yourself or in your life that has been keeping you held back from your success or from your personal happiness. These cosmic spiritual energies of the universe will be assisting you but you may need to work diligently with great focus and determination for the results you want. The time period between today and July 25, just before Mercury goes retrograde is important for laying your plans and setting things in motion to the best of your ability, for your efforts and plans will probably become a successful actualization. It’s good to know that the power and assistance of this eclipse will last for one year.

Let’s focus a bit on the retrograde planets since there are 5 currently at the time of the eclipse. I like to spotlight the positive things as much as possible that result from the various planets aspects and to see how any of the challenges or difficulties that occur can help in our personal growth and sometimes be blessings in disguise. At this time while these planets are in retrograde there will be opportunities to do some things better than they were done before. It can be a time of second chances, in other words you get a chance to repeat something and do it better this time. This period of time requires a good bit of patience. You may find yourself having to repeat things that you thought were completed but they’re not, or something that you did that has to be redone, or things like that. … you get the idea. Things may seem to take longer, and it’s hard to keep up with the clock.

A good buzz word for this time period is “busy”. Here we are in the middle of summer and should be vacationing, but there’s so much to do. And even if you are on vacation you may find yourself busier in the midst of it all and having to create more rest and relaxation. There will be a need at this time to allow more “me” time, and figure out some good time management.

With all these planets retrograde there may be mix-ups in communication and perhaps delays. And you thought Mercury retrograde was a lot to handle when it causes mix-ups and delays. Well guess what, as if that wasn’t enough, Mercury will be going retrograde on the 25th of July. We are pretty much used to that as it happens so often and usually lasts about 3 weeks. Things usually get straightened out in the end, but along the way it may require more patience, diligence, and a lot of deep breaths.

Pluto retrograde is in opposition to the sun so there may be a seeming crisis with some situation in your life or in a relationship or even with your own self-confidence which can serve to prompt you to transform for the better. If you have any self-destructive inclinations this is the time to observe yourself very well and work on yourself to change any patterns and programs that you have that are holding you down, keeping you stuck, or repeating the same mistakes. Pluto brings about the darker and subconscious aspects which can show up as control and power issues, or something prompted by a competitor, enemy or opposition. With self awareness you can handle these things better than you would have in the past, and you can take action either within yourself or in the outer, or both, to bring about the desired improvements or changes.

There is a Grand Trine taking place in the universe. Saturn is in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, And Venus is in Virgo. This Grand Trine gives the assistance of creativity and new energies to handle any crisis or oppositions more peacefully and with harmony and balance. There will probably be more support from others in our lives to help us get through the times of chaos or crisis, and to make progress.

It can be a time to observe power and control in your life. You may see something in a relationship that has to do with control or manipulation in your life. Perhaps it is time for you to let go of the pattern of being too controlling, or perhaps to let go of someone who is manipulating or trying to control you. It can be showing up as a need to create better communication in a relationship to achieve more harmony. It is a time of letting go of that which is not for your highest good in wherever that shows up in your life. Maybe things have been seeming out of control in your life and you need to take charge and make the changes necessary to create a more satisfying way of life.

Our saving grace is that the planet Venus is shining it’s Light of blessings upon us at this time. Venus in Virgo helps us to be more grounded in the harmonious qualities we all inately have. Let’s look at how Venus aspects the planets in the Grand Trine.  Venus trine Uranus stimulates the desire to try something new which is most helpful because Uranus initiates transformation, even sudden change. Venus trine Saturn can strengthen relationship commitment. Saturn in Capricorn can be a time good for long-term investments. This Grand Trine helps us have those breakthroughs that we really need to make progress in our lives. Now is the time to welcome and utilize this Cosmic energy and align yourself with your Divine Plan to manifest your highest good.

With Transforming Blessings of Love and Light, Sonia Star

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Explanation and Use of the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is the fiery energy of Light that is of a higher dimensional frequency. You may not see it with your outer vision in this dimension, however, it is very real. It’s mighty action cleanses karma from accumulated misdeeds and misqualified energies that have come through you or to you. It is also called the Freedom Flame, or the Sacred Fire. It is God’s forgiving grace, a gift of Divine Alchemy from on high, an action of mercy and compassion. The Violet Fire needs to be used frequently and continuously in this dimension where humanity has received the pure God qualified energy and then sent it out into the world through thoughts, feelings, and actions of discord and negativity. The Violet Fire transmutes and purifies this discordant energy into harmony and Divine perfection.

The sacred Violet Flame teachings were generously brought to this world by the Ascended Master Saint Germain as a harmonious way to transmute and change all wrong conditions, all that is less than perfect, into God Light and Perfection. I am so grateful to him for all that he has done to bring this information and teaching to us.

Through the use of the Violet Flame the vibrations and their actions are changed. It is like an eraser. You can erase from your life stream all that is not of the Light and has been accumulating over time, not just this lifetime but from other past lifetimes as well. When used enough it can actually make the discord disappear and become non-existent because it dissolves the wrongly qualified energy or the human miscreations.

The fiery essence of the Violet Flame is a combination of the pink Light (Divine Love) energy and the blue Light (Divine Power) energy, which then becomes a violet Light which exudes a Spiritual energy of Divine Alchemy and Transmutation, raising the vibrations to a higher and more perfect quality. This is the action of the 7th Ray.

You can invoke the Violet Transmuting Flame into action, in through and around your four lower bodies (physical body, etheric body, mental body, and emotional body). Click here to see explanation of the four lower bodies. Say with firm determination, “Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet Flame of Forgiving Grace up, in, through, and around my four lower bodies now and transmute all misqualified energies, causes, cores, effects, records, and memories from this lifetime or any other lifetime.” Visualize this action of Violet Fire blazing up from under your feet, all around you upwards to above your head. The application of the Violet Flame brings us Freedom from discord and karma and can transform our world. It’s Divine Alchemy cleanses the forcefields of the electrons which make up the atoms, thus producing uplifting changes in the vibratory rates.

In your call to the Violet Flame you can say “Beloved Father Mother God” or “Beloved God” or “Beloved I Am Presence” or “Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet flame through me and purify all wrong desires, false beliefs, perceptions, concepts, judgements, and misqualified etheric records. Transmute causes, cores, effects, records and memories, hidden or known. Keep this Violet Flame sustained and maintained. Replace all that has been transmuted with Pure God Light and Substance, and the Divine Plan fulfilled”. While making this call it is good to visualize the Violet Flame blazing from under your feet, upward, through the physical body and all around it. Just like if you look at the flames from a gas stove or a fire in the fireplace blazing upward through the logs, see a purple or violet fire blazing through your four lower bodies (your physical body and your other three energy bodies, your aura). It is wise to repeat this call several times at first so you can start to feel how real it is and to get it deeply into your consciousness. This will help you to more easily visualize and feel it as you call it forth.

I like to sometimes make the application by calling forth Saint Germain’s assistance. This is a quick and easy way to do that: “I call forth the full gathered momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire from the very Heart of God, through the Heart of Saint Germain to blaze up, in, through, and around my four lower bodies, tramsmuting all misqualified energies at the level of the causes, cores, effects, records, and memories. Purify, purify, purify.”

After the Violet Flame’s call to action, it is important to call forth the Light from above and fill up these areas with God Perfection, Light and Life to take the place of that energy that was transmuted. You can say, “Mighty I Am Presence charge me with Divine Love, Power, Harmony, Happiness, Joy, Perfect Health, Life, Illumination, Ascended Master Consciousness, and Abundant Supply of great good”. Or more briefly, you can say “Mighty I Am Presence, charge me with Thy Divine Light, Love, and God Perfection”, or simply say “Fill me with your Light.” Then visualize and feel yourself filling up with golden white Light.

After repetitive use of the Violet Fire you become more efficient at its’ call to action, and by transmuting your energies you can also have a good effect on others around you. The Violet Fire application can be expanded to help friends, and loved ones. Just say their name instead of saying “my”. Then visualize the Violet Flame flowing through them. This is not interfering with free will. It is simply helping to clear and purify the energies. Just as it is for all of us, if they continue to misqualify Life’s precious energy with negative emotions, thoughts, and actions, then it will need to be transmuted again. This is why the Violet Flame decrees must be repeated often and with continuity.

To assist all humanity on earth visualize Violet Fire flowing through the planet. Make the call by saying, ” Almighty God” or,”Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet Transmuting Flame through every man, woman, and child on Earth, through every living thing on Earth and through the entire planet, blessing and raising the vibrational frequency of our beloved planet Earth to fulfill God’s Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth”.

With Transforming Blessings of Love and Light, Sonia Star

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Call to the Violet Flame

The following can be spoken as an invocation or sung as a chant. It is good to chant it once, in the first person, saying “I” and “me”, preparing yourself first so you are a better channel to send the blessing out to others. Then you can chant it again for someone else, saying “you”. After that, you can say “us” and “we” for a group, or for the whole planet. It is good to expand the blessing out to others and globally to all life on planet Earth.

Call to the Violet Flame

Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Calling on the 7th Ray,
Ascended Masters send this way
Sacred Fire Violet Flame,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Purify me now I pray.
Clear the darkness all away,
Making room for the Light to stay,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Violet Flame Angels near,
Violet Flame Angels here
Transmute all grief and fear,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Calling on the Sacred Fire
Raise my Vibrations higher
So I Am the Purity God desires,
Mighty I Am Presence.

Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me.
Blaze the Violet Flame through me,
Mighty I Am Presence.

by Sonia Star, July 21, 2013

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You have permission to use and share this copyrighted material providing you give proper credit to the author and do not change it or charge for it. Thank you.

Portal of the Solar Eclipse Supermoon Planetary Alignment March 8, 2016

I could see the beautiful rosy pink glow of the sunset through our kitchen window tonight. The unusual little frogs are back again in our evening garden and later tonight they were making their high pitched chirping sound which is almost similar to a grasshopper but with a little more of a croaking. They drew me outside, and pretty soon I was looking up, attracted by the moon’s rays and enjoying the scintillating effervescence of the stars, especially Orion’s Belt which was so crisp and clear, and sparkling Sirius right over our house.

I felt a close connection to the Cosmos, with a strong feeling of the veil being lifted to the higher dimensions for a brief moment in time. It was a feeling of an opening of Celestial Light-filled Grace from above which the Universe is blessing us with, leading up to the two eclipses starting on March 8. Lifting the veils, these eclipses offer the window of opportunity to connect to our inner intuitive self in a more deep and profound way. It will be a powerful Cosmic alignment with the special energies of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. To make this alignment even more grand, there is also a Supermoon. This is when a new or full moon (in this case a new moon) is the closest it gets to earth in its elliptical orbit. So we should be seeing a rather large new moon.

We won’t be able to see the Solar eclipse in the U.S. but of course its magnificent effects combined with the new Supermoon and planetary alignment will bless us with the empowering aspects of a new level of awakening. This is a time for creating new beginnings. This effect may have already started for some. We can be more conscious of the blessings of messages from the Presence, Angels, Ascended Masters and beings of Light. As we pray, meditate, and become more open and receptive to the Light, we become more in tune with our inner wisdom and Divine guidance and we will be able to activate our passion for our Divine plan, purpose and mission. In mystical union with our amazing inner intuitive self we can manifest our sacred intentions in this wonderful time of higher dimensional attunement.

Love and Light Blessings, Sonia Star

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Take Time to Smell the Roses

Today as I sat outdoors in our garden meditating, I began to feel the kiss of the solar star, our Sun, upon my face, and the gentle warm touch on my body. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I relaxed into the feeling of bliss. I could smell the lovely fragrance of our beautiful roses blending with the earthy smells of the whole garden. It just gave me the most uplifting feeling of peace and love. Then I noticed our adorable cat, who looks like a little lion with his golden fur and long white mane, also enjoying the rays of the sun and stretching his legs out in pleasure. As I observed him, and the pretty flowers and plants in our garden, it became clear to me that the nature elementals were soaking up this great solar light, and sending it back out in a lovely wafting flow of pure energy and beauty. The majesty of the Sun was giving us all Life energy. It was at this moment I was reminded that all of us in human bodies are like crystal receivers. When we are in tune with our inner light of wisdom, harmony and awareness, and aligned with our Divine Self, our I Am Presence, the radiance of God’s light and love will flow into us easily and effortlessly. When we are in this state of consciousness, we can see the magical, mystical journey that our Life is. The Cosmos, our Angels and guides speak to us, and when we have the attunement to listen, we can be more aware of the inner knowing as we receive Divine guidance. We are then in harmony and trust with the flow of Life. This is when we can be in touch with our soul/ hearts desires, leading us closer to our Divine Destiny. We won’t waste time spinning our wheels, or feeling stuck or unsure, but we will trust the process of Life, and our lives will flow like a perfect stream, unimpeded by any obstacles. Take that time to stop, let go of the electronics for a while, let go of the rush and stress of the outer demands, and just be. It benefits us in so many ways.  Meditate, tune in to nature, the earth, the sky, the elementals, and let yourself bask in the glory of the Universal energies that are the grace of God to lift us into a higher vibration and a sense of Harmony and Peace.  Take time to smell the roses!

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