Sonia Star

Sonia Star is the founder and president of the non-profit organization Solstar Light Center. Sonia is a dynamic spiritual teacher, counselor, and therapist. The goal of Solstar Light Center is to raise consciousness and to help spread the Light of Illumined Truth. It is to bless, inspire, and assist people on their life path, their spiritual journey, to heal and transform their lives and realize their true potential.

Sonia is naturally a sensitive, intuitive, and caring person with an inspired and healing presence. She has always had a connection to the higher dimensions of life beyond the mundane ordinary world. Having these innate tendencies, Sonia loves to help uplift people to heal and integrate body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Through her insightful counsel and practical wisdom, she guides people to grow and develop their own abilities, empowering those she works with.

Along with her natural intuitive qualities and closeness to Spirit, Sonia is also highly trained by Master Teachers which enhances her ability to reach a greater variety of peoples’ needs. Through her interesting journey of life she applied the valuable lessons and teachings that she learned to herself, and then got the calling to share them with others.  Sonia has a special understanding and empathy for helping other people. Her experience of over 40 years in the self-help field includes: Counseling and teaching Metaphysical classes at Unity, Individual and Couple Counseling, teaching various types of Yoga classes, a  TV show “The Yoga Experience”, instructing and leading individual as well as group Meditations, Multidimensional Hypnotherapy including Past Life Regression, Neurolinguistic Programming, Energy Clearing and Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Emotion Code, Crystal Energy, Intuitive Astrology and Numerology, Theta Healing, Channeling Angels and Ascended Masters, Light Body activation, and other modalities which combine to make up her Multidimensional Teaching and Spiritual Counseling practice.

Sonia Star is a true channel of the Light. She works with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, and Beings of Light. Sonia has an eclectic universal approach to her multidimensional counseling and teaching. Through her uplifting energy and techniques, as well as spiritual insight and connection, she continues to help many people transform their lives and realize their Higher Self, their Divine Plan, and True Purpose.