Take Time to Smell the Roses

Today as I sat outdoors in our garden meditating, I began to feel the kiss of the solar star, our Sun, upon my face, and the gentle warm touch on my body. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I relaxed into the feeling of bliss. I could smell the lovely fragrance of our beautiful roses blending with the earthy smells of the whole garden. It just gave me the most uplifting feeling of peace and love. Then I noticed our adorable cat, who looks like a little lion with his golden fur and long white mane, also enjoying the rays of the sun and stretching his legs out in pleasure. As I observed him, and the pretty flowers and plants in our garden, it became clear to me that the nature elementals were soaking up this great solar light, and sending it back out in a lovely wafting flow of pure energy and beauty. The majesty of the Sun was giving us all Life energy. It was at this moment I was reminded that all of us in human bodies are like crystal receivers. When we are in tune with our inner light of wisdom, harmony and awareness, and aligned with our Divine Self, our I Am Presence, the radiance of God’s light and love will flow into us easily and effortlessly. When we are in this state of consciousness, we can see the magical, mystical journey that our Life is. The Cosmos, our Angels and guides speak to us, and when we have the attunement to listen, we can be more aware of the inner knowing as we receive Divine guidance. We are then in harmony and trust with the flow of Life. This is when we can be in touch with our soul/ hearts desires, leading us closer to our Divine Destiny. We won’t waste time spinning our wheels, or feeling stuck or unsure, but we will trust the process of Life, and our lives will flow like a perfect stream, unimpeded by any obstacles. Take that time to stop, let go of the electronics for a while, let go of the rush and stress of the outer demands, and just be. It benefits us in so many ways.  Meditate, tune in to nature, the earth, the sky, the elementals, and let yourself bask in the glory of the Universal energies that are the grace of God to lift us into a higher vibration and a sense of Harmony and Peace.  Take time to smell the roses!

Copyright © 2-23-16 Sonia Star

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