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Testimonial – with heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me

With heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me,
When I was living and working in the Silicon Valley I happened upon a poster with Sonia Star’s beautiful face on it with information about a meditation class. I felt a very strong urge to attend and am I glad I did. Through private sessions with Sonia and her beautiful support I was able to get through a very tough time in my life. She is truly guided by spirit and conducts herself with the highest of integrity. I recommend Sonia to anyone who is seeking spiritual guidance. . She has a true gift for bringing forth the divine in a balanced and natural way.

L. Navarro


I was having frequent problems in different relationships until I underwent past-life regression with Sonia Star.  It helped me to understand the subconscious patterns I had inherited from past experiences, and then I had a chance to change my whole life for the better.

Randy L.


I learned some astounding techniques in Sonia Star’s crystal workshop, such as how to charge up with natural energy in a natural way, and how to remember my dreams better so I can learn from them.

Kenny L.

I was seeking to learn more about the Ascended Masters and Ascension and how to be more aware of their guidance and presence. Sonia Star helped me in my search for answers, and the help I received from her brought me into a deeper connection with my Higher Self as well as the Divine Beings of Light from the Ascended Master realm. Sonia is an intuitive and sensitive channel of Light. Her wisdom and guidance has totally graced me and my life. I will always be thankful to you Sonia.

Brenda S.
San Francisco, CA

You helped me so much when I needed understanding and a more positive attitude about my life and all the changes I was going through. Thank you, Sonia for being the Bright Light that you are. Your counseling and inspired guidance has helped me get my joy back again. I also love your meditations so much. They bring me into a peaceful place and raise my vibrations to a higher level so I feel renewed. Bless you Sonia for helping so many people.

Rodney W.
Los Altos, CA

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