The Blessings of the 3rd Eclipse in the Rare Trio of Summer Eclipses 2018

We have now come to the last eclipse in the rare Summer Eclipse Trilogy.  On August 11, 2018 this partial Solar Eclipse in the New Moon will not be visible from USA, but nontheless, it does affect us. There is a conjunction of the new moon and the eclipse of the sun with retrograde Mercury. We have new
insights we have learned from our experiences and our lessons since the first eclipse of July 12, which can help or have already helped to guide us appropriately into a new way or a new direction in some particular area of our being or life. The new moon is time for new beginnings, whether something small or large. The effects of the amazing Summer trio of Eclipses will last through January of 2019, so the decisions, changes, or plans we make or have made during this eclipse trio time are important.

A reminder for this period of time is to try slowing down whenever you can and take things more gently and strategically. Give yourself the space to contemplate all that you have to be thankful for and think before you speak or act. Be a bringer of joy and harmony as much as you can. Remember that it starts within, so be kind to yourself as well as others and try to stay out of other people’s drama during this time. You can be helpful without getting involved in the actual drama or letting it affect you.

Since the first eclipse in the trilogy, there have been some rather uncomfortable challenges as well as bursts of new growth and progress.  If you haven’t made any progress in the areas that you were hoping to, then it is time to look within to find out if perhaps you need to change your priorities. Maybe there is something you need to bring to completion and stop procrastinating. It is a good time to try to keep as much flexibility in your schedule as you can to allow space for opportunities, changes, or just to give yourself enough time to relax and keep the balance in your life. After all, it’s been pretty intense since the first eclipse. When you have enough time and space created in your life it helps you to be able to keep a clear head and make the right decisions without rushing or being impulsive.  It also helps you receive more clearly the guidance and assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels and Beings of Light. One thing to remember at this time is to be strong in your own inner truth so that you will not negatively react to any one else’s opinions or judgments. Listen to your heart. Keep your inner harmony and peace. Speak your Truth with diplomacy and sensitivity, and keep your Light shining brightly. Be true to yourself and don’t get caught up in any negativity going on with others around you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful, it just means you need to be clear and focus on staying positive and strong in your convictions in the direction that you are choosing to go, or in what you want to do about something or with your life. Being more objective will help you to make the right choices, decisions, and plans. If you are just feeling you need some change in your life, but don’t know what it is, or what to do, turn within to that All-Knowing Presence, and call for Divine guidance.  Then be open and receptive to receiving it and paying attention so you recognize it when it comes.

From August 11 to the end of Mercury retrograde on August 18 there are wonderful activations of the DNA codes going on within us. So any time that you can sit and relax, meditate, or just be still for a while and let yourself be receptive to the Divine Light and just soak it up, will help you to adjust to these activations. Drink plenty of water and be sure you get enough sleep, because with an active schedule the adjustments will be going on in your sleep state as well, especially if you have not had enough time to meditate or relax.  There is a particular activation in the millennials and children at this time.  They have come in with pre-encoded DNA which will be activated at this time to open them to their awakening, as they are the future. Every person on earth at this time is receiving the activation of the Divine pre-encoded DNA codes within us which we brought within us when we entered the earth plane in this lifetime. This is a process, and with this activation our I Am Presence, Divine Self, God Self is directing this magnificent Light into every cell, atom, molecule and electron of each one of us to intensify this great release of Higher Frequency Light to everything and everyone on earth to raise our consciousness in our advancement toward enlightenment. Let us remember that we are all one, and we are in the process of the earth’s Ascension. Let us rise up to the occasion and open our hearts and minds to the continuous lifting of our vibratory frequency and the expansion of Light and Love.

Be Forever Blessed!

In Divine Love and Service, Sonia Star

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