Explanation and Use of the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is the fiery energy of Light that is of a higher dimensional frequency. You may not see it with your outer vision in this dimension, however, it is very real. It’s mighty action cleanses karma from accumulated misdeeds and misqualified energies that have come through you or to you. It is also called the Freedom Flame, or the Sacred Fire. It is God’s forgiving grace, a gift of Divine Alchemy from on high, an action of mercy and compassion. The Violet Fire needs to be used frequently and continuously in this dimension where humanity has received the pure God qualified energy and then sent it out into the world through thoughts, feelings, and actions of discord and negativity. The Violet Fire transmutes and purifies this discordant energy into harmony and Divine perfection.

The sacred Violet Flame teachings were generously brought to this world by the Ascended Master Saint Germain as a harmonious way to transmute and change all wrong conditions, all that is less than perfect, into God Light and Perfection. I am so grateful to him for all that he has done to bring this information and teaching to us.

Through the use of the Violet Flame the vibrations and their actions are changed. It is like an eraser. You can erase from your life stream all that is not of the Light and has been accumulating over time, not just this lifetime but from other past lifetimes as well. When used enough it can actually make the discord disappear and become non-existent because it dissolves the wrongly qualified energy or the human miscreations.

The fiery essence of the Violet Flame is a combination of the pink Light (Divine Love) energy and the blue Light (Divine Power) energy, which then becomes a violet Light which exudes a Spiritual energy of Divine Alchemy and Transmutation, raising the vibrations to a higher and more perfect quality. This is the action of the 7th Ray.

You can invoke the Violet Transmuting Flame into action, in through and around your four lower bodies (physical body, etheric body, mental body, and emotional body). Click here to see explanation of the four lower bodies. Say with firm determination, “Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet Flame of Forgiving Grace up, in, through, and around my four lower bodies now and transmute all misqualified energies, causes, cores, effects, records, and memories from this lifetime or any other lifetime.” Visualize this action of Violet Fire blazing up from under your feet, all around you upwards to above your head. The application of the Violet Flame brings us Freedom from discord and karma and can transform our world. It’s Divine Alchemy cleanses the forcefields of the electrons which make up the atoms, thus producing uplifting changes in the vibratory rates.

In your call to the Violet Flame you can say “Beloved Father Mother God” or “Beloved God” or “Beloved I Am Presence” or “Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet flame through me and purify all wrong desires, false beliefs, perceptions, concepts, judgements, and misqualified etheric records. Transmute causes, cores, effects, records and memories, hidden or known. Keep this Violet Flame sustained and maintained. Replace all that has been transmuted with Pure God Light and Substance, and the Divine Plan fulfilled”. While making this call it is good to visualize the Violet Flame blazing from under your feet, upward, through the physical body and all around it. Just like if you look at the flames from a gas stove or a fire in the fireplace blazing upward through the logs, see a purple or violet fire blazing through your four lower bodies (your physical body and your other three energy bodies, your aura). It is wise to repeat this call several times at first so you can start to feel how real it is and to get it deeply into your consciousness. This will help you to more easily visualize and feel it as you call it forth.

I like to sometimes make the application by calling forth Saint Germain’s assistance. This is a quick and easy way to do that: “I call forth the full gathered momentum of the Sacred Violet Fire from the very Heart of God, through the Heart of Saint Germain to blaze up, in, through, and around my four lower bodies, tramsmuting all misqualified energies at the level of the causes, cores, effects, records, and memories. Purify, purify, purify.”

After the Violet Flame’s call to action, it is important to call forth the Light from above and fill up these areas with God Perfection, Light and Life to take the place of that energy that was transmuted. You can say, “Mighty I Am Presence charge me with Divine Love, Power, Harmony, Happiness, Joy, Perfect Health, Life, Illumination, Ascended Master Consciousness, and Abundant Supply of great good”. Or more briefly, you can say “Mighty I Am Presence, charge me with Thy Divine Light, Love, and God Perfection”, or simply say “Fill me with your Light.” Then visualize and feel yourself filling up with golden white Light.

After repetitive use of the Violet Fire you become more efficient at its’ call to action, and by transmuting your energies you can also have a good effect on others around you. The Violet Fire application can be expanded to help friends, and loved ones. Just say their name instead of saying “my”. Then visualize the Violet Flame flowing through them. This is not interfering with free will. It is simply helping to clear and purify the energies. Just as it is for all of us, if they continue to misqualify Life’s precious energy with negative emotions, thoughts, and actions, then it will need to be transmuted again. This is why the Violet Flame decrees must be repeated often and with continuity.

To assist all humanity on earth visualize Violet Fire flowing through the planet. Make the call by saying, ” Almighty God” or,”Mighty I Am Presence, blaze the Violet Transmuting Flame through every man, woman, and child on Earth, through every living thing on Earth and through the entire planet, blessing and raising the vibrational frequency of our beloved planet Earth to fulfill God’s Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth”.

With Transforming Blessings of Love and Light, Sonia Star

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